To appliance mnemonics when u study pharmacology helps perfectly alot, at least for me and then I’m trying to learn altogether the antiarrhythmic drugs.. Seriously, I’m going crazy hard to remember which drug belongs to which class, what are the side furniture blablabla.. 

So I looked up a small in number mnemonics for them and found this in a great degree good drawing , which I altered a bit 

An illustration of a mnemonic for learning antiarrhythmic rank 1 drugs; 

“The queen proclaims dis pyramide” 

Other pleasantry mnemonics: 

“Amiodarone (class 3) is a BITCH”

B – bradycardia/ with a long face gray skin

I – interstitial lund diseasea/ indisposition to sleep

T – thyroid problems/ torsades de pointes

C – corneal deposits/ CNS disturbances/ coronary artery malady (indication)

H – hepatoxicity/ hypotension with IV/ half life long/ heart failure (indication) 

To remember which drugs causes atrial fibrillation think almost how excited (irregular & rapid ❤️ Beat) u are conducive to icecream –> Häägen Das

D – dofetilide

A – amiodarone

S – sotalol 

A few things that makes pharma sooo abundant more fun to learn! Time with a view to sleep. 

Good night! 

And I be pleased be right there with you granting that you have a problem.

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