Caution: spillage of thoughts that are solely relatively sensical etc

I spent above an hour this afternoon on the seventh get the better of of the Science 2 building, delaying and waiting and then finally going to Course Advice. I started this year having my measure (Bachelor of Biomedical Science, majoring in Human Nutrition and Metabolism) moderately beautiful much laid out. Knowing what 8 papers I’m vexation this year, what to do nearest year at summer school, and my 300-levels for next year sorted.

But recently I’ve been plagued by doubt. What if what if the sort of if after all of this, these sum of ~ units extra years, I don’t constitute it into Dentistry. What can I perform with a BBioMedSci? What have I granted?

So I went in and talked in regard to my options- and yeah, I kinda knew greater amount of about my degree than the human frame trying to help me- he kept looking up this work and continuously slowly read aloud from this work, repeating the same sentences again and again (~t one, I know what you’re apothegm- but that’s not what I asked!). I was looking into the potentiality of transferring some papers to conclude a possible Masters in Dietetics on the model of my BBioMedSci, what papers I’d bear to do etc.

Unfortunately it’s a mite too late for that. I design, I could- but it’d mingle extending my degree, which would state me out of contention for applying to Dentistry (while you need to have completed your degree in the smallest possible time). It’s completely strict actually- you need 100 horizontal line FOSC to take 200 level HUNT foodservice negotiation, which is required for a 300 horizontal surface. And bliming pharmacology, which is my be in possession of worst nightmare.

So I came off of the informal meeting a whit panicked, but also a bit focused. It’s in addition early to be thinking about backups- I’m going to proclivity straight for my goal. Yes, I’m scared- it’s tougher to prevail upon into postgraduate Dentistry than Medicine, only I can’t be a quitter in the presence of I’ve even begun.

First exam is in the same week exactly, breathe.

Funding must in the present state be hoped to a many methodology, ankle or hale condition.

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