On good things

We reviewed make ~ed for the final in my Pharmacology rank today. We played jeopardy for the whole of the psychiatric medications. One of the questions (answers?) I answered was “What are the symptoms of mania?” My teacher says, “Correct! You be favored with these!” Everyone was just like, “Ohhhhhhhhh,” to the degree that though she said something demeaning to me. I knew she was joking and I didn’t just get mad! I laughed with her! Later, my tutor sends me a text message: “Nancy I fancy you’re fun and funny and for aye have a positive attitude. You’re engaged in the classroom and in life in universal and it was great having you in my clinical cluster. I hope you know I was conscientious kidding with you. I knew you’d plan it was funny too. I fondness it when students are relaxed sufficiency to kid around. Wendy

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