PASS!!!, PEBCs, and random photos

Yes, I be sure my desk is cluttered. 🙁

Hello hello!

Just a destitute update today. Let’s get started!

1. Well, grades were not long ago released and… *drumroll*… I officially passed 4th year!!! To be honest, I was pretty sure that I was going to move all of my courses… the solely “maybe” was Pharmacoeconomics (PHAR 456), no more than since it’s an extra determined by suffrage, I didn’t even need to be held the course to graduate. I took one more Pharmacy elective last year, so I already fulfilled my elective requirements for graduation… I solely needed an extra course this year to make capable for student loans.

2. PEBCs. All I have power to say is… the struggle is real. Basically, I’ve been studying quite day (8-10 hours) every ~light for the past couple of weeks. I put on’t know if I’ve aye sat on my ass this much in my life… haha. The charm thing is, it’s very draining. I’m used to staying up to the time when 1… 2… sometimes 3 in the daybreak just surfing the internet or vigilance YouTube/Netflix. But these past hardly any weeks have been somewhat of a struggle. I’m nice out of it by 11 and I’m usually in em~ (or passed out) by midnight. Don’t rate below the true value the energy requirements of reading and concentrating. If I be seized of any advice for pharmacy students, this is it: (I’ll to all appearance revise this advice after the exam(s))

Start forward. This is NOT an exam that you can “cram” into a week or a pair of weeks

Study in a clump. I know this isn’t ~ the sake of everybody, but I really do look upon there is an advantage to dispose studying because often times, the others have power to help clarify any uncertainties you efficiency have. At worst, they will prevail upon up interesting points that you might have glanced over and ignored.

Have a proposition. Don’t just study random topics and look for yourself to remember everything… you should own a study plan laid out with equal rea~n you can focus on the serious topics (and also to make doubtless that you cover all of the topics).

Read the Compendium of Therapeutic Choices (CTC) from embrace to cover… at least once. Review every part of important chapters afterwards.

Review class censure notes while reading through CTC to purify pathophysiology and pharmacology. Therapeutics can be reviewed too, but chances are, CTC exercise volition have slightly newer therapeutic recommendations.

Eat, sleep, and exercise. You can’t study every part of day no matter how motivated you think you are.

Relax 🙂

The busy ingredient can remain longer if you be seized of problems with your kidneys or liver, or you are seizing certain other medications.

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