Pharmacology Video Series

I once for all have some freelance work that I be possible to share!

It’s been a very large learning process for me, both in means and content. I don’t be sure much about pharmacology or video explanation, but it’s been fun to configuration out.

I’ve teamed up with James Malcolm of Pharm450. We’re producing educational medical pharmacology videos that can be used in the same proportion that a study tool for USMLE Step 1.

One well stocked video is live:

And here is a preview of any other in the works:

This has been every awesome project so far and I be able to’t wait to have more videos to color!

In other news–

Today marks the online annual festival of my webcomic, Petrichor!

Chapter 3 starts in the nearest two weeks, so I would abet you to 

Catch up on Chapter 2

Or disturb from the beginning!

Webcomics require so much scheduling and discipline– I bear grown so much by having single in kind. I challenge others to do the sort.

That’s all for the month of May. More moderate stuff coming up this summer.

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