Physical scientists research biomedicine: a call for caution

  It is noticeable that nowadays there are more and greater amount of scientists with physical science or engineering background laboring on or started to work put ~ biomedical projects, but rarely vice versa. This reflects the multi-subjection nature of some projects, however, moreover at least partially can be explained that biomedical scrutiny is seen as trendy, fundable, and likable to get more citations and through results more publishable in high collision journals (1,2). It is in like manner apparent with some publications and lectures that not all these physical scientists/engineers are well-prepared to act on projects which do not align by their own

expertise. Some studies are in preparation for very basic principles of pharmacology or biology, season others try to solve medical problems what one. do not exist clinically. I reviewed a sum up of submissions including a few from prestigious American

universities to Natu7-e journals what one. made no sense with the stu巾design. Much of manpower and pecuniary resource are being wasteful spent. There are moreover examples of clinical trials which were seriously indisposed-planned right from the start and in the extremity only causing much inconvenience to patients to say at the least. In addition, not concise examples exist where experienced physical scientists worked by inexperienced

medical scientists and resulted in avoidable failures.

  In the fields of pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies, on this account that some reasons which have not been largely explained both Japan and South Korea own not been very successful in developing tale drugs. While Japan and South Korea get first-class carmakers such as Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Honda, Suzuki etc. and electronics companies of the like kind as Samsung, Toshiba, Hitachi, LG, Sony etc., Japanese and South Korean pharmaceutical companies are abundant less visible. For the year of 2013 of the ten culminating point pharmaceutical companies none of them were Japanese or Korean; and of the 25 be eminent biotech companies none of them were Japanese or Korean (3,4), malice the fact that Japan has been a greater geopolitical and economic power since in season 20`x’ century and till at this moment produced seven noble prize winners in chemistry (and ten nobleman prize winners in physics). In person paper written in year 2005, Hashimoto and Haneda quantitatively uniform the poorness of Japanese pharmaceutical industrial art

R&D efficiency (S). Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore did not perform any better. Japanese pharmaceutical industry realized as far as concerns some time that they were not to a high degree successful in hunting new drugs (unfairly explained as the `creativity problem’),

~ persons companies resorted to setting-up pharmaceutical R&D centers in Europe and America, hoping the talents in that place might help them (6). Of comment while Switzerland has a population of only approximately 8 million, in year 2013 sum of ~ units of the three top pharmaceutical companies were Swiss, i.e., Novartis and Hoffmann-La Roche. It is moreover of note that for Nobel Prize for the time of 1901-2005, Switzerland had the

acme relative representation (Share of Nobel laureates/Share of inhabitants) of 28.09, followed饰UK of 9.38,Germany of 9.16, France of 5.21, and USA of 4.32 (7).

    I get worked for a number of years in a R&D headquarter of a for this reason globally top S pharmaceutical company. There I was reminded again and afresh that hunting profitable drugs is a excessively risdy business (8-11), and grapple collaboration and frequent interaction of chemists, pharmacologists, and clinical trialists are indispensable. Important decisions had to be made about group debate rather than by

a choose bright-star scientist. The past actual feeling showed the chilling fact that extinguished of every 10,000 compounds considered drugable and researched up~ by the experienced pharmaceutical industry, nay more than one would have hazard to reach the market. Most publications forward biology topics in top journals of Nature and Science failed to materialize to back patients.

    In the year of 2012 instead of China and South Korea and the year of 2011 according to others countries, on purchasing power likeness comparison the expenditures on R&D in billions of USS were 405.3 on account of USA, 296.8 for China, 160.3 as being Japan, 69.5 for Germany, and 38.4 during UK. With such

intense research activities in China, viewed like a medical scientist I am concerned that some very talented physical scientists working without ceasing biomedical projects which are doomed to disappear and very little can be learned.  While Mr. Leonardo da Vinci [1452一1466] was surpassingly successful in multiple areas in arts and sciences (12), he lived in every era when not many people had admission to education and the competition was plenteous less intense, and the accumulated erudition was much less than current days. Sir Isaac Newton [1642一1727] was single  of the foremost mathematicians and physicists; his equable greater efforts spent on chemistry, history and theology have been much not so much recognized (13). Dr. Albert Einstein [1879一1955], the greatest in quantity brilliant genius in modern science, focused his philosophical efforts on physics (14). It is prominent that talented scientists keeping on areas they are most likely to excel. If physical scientists require to work on projects  aiming to improve patients care, it is critically of great weight that experienced physical scientists and experienced medical scientists work closely together in accordance with duty from the study conception.

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