Scrub Wars returns with a surgery version

A leash of years ago, a partnership involving a doctor and a healthcare administrator scored a succeed with a mobile game called Scrub Wars. The stare at game was designed for medical students to give a lift the learn and memorize many of the basic facts from system of knowledge and medicine.

Now there’s a novel version of the game just in the place of students in the surgery segment of their teaching. Scrub Wars: Surgery Rotation Pimping.

The developers suppose that answering the game’s fast-fire questions — delivered through a spaceship shooter game — helps students build confidence to respond the tough “pimping” questions they resoluteness encounter from surgeons on the wards. It be possible to also help them review content with regard to the the exams that are usually taken ~ dint of. fourth year medical students.

The replete version of the game includes 1,000 questions tegument topics such as Common Surgical Emergencies, Surgical Pharmacology, Anatomy, Pre- and Post-Op Care, Burns and Trauma.

A guide character in the game’s statement line is a character called Peyronie Attending. Think of him in the same proportion that a surgery drill sergeant who delights in humiliating and contumelious students who fail to deliver correct answers.

A sample version of the undertaking containing a portion of the questions is to be turned to account free in the iTunes App Store. The replete version, with all of the questions, costs $9.99. You be possible to get more details on the Scrub Wars website, in the video unworthy of and by following @scrubwarsapp on Twitter.

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Written ~ means of Ric Manning

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