1. Short weasand with 15 rings or less; bragging chance of accidental one lung ventilation

2. Chances of Laryngeal Stenosis… Some spells an unanticipated difficulty for passing tube, may trigger edema and stridor ( the same such case reported, needed emergency tracheostomy)

3. Atlanto axial instability, can cause, massive cord edema, even by moderate neck flexion ( one case suffered tetraparesis rear intubation; so in clear words, unfold to the relatives..,the anticipated footing up of morbidity and mortality) Take LATERAL CERVICAL SPINE VIEWS IN FLEXION AND EXTENSION PREOPERATIVELY. If atlantoaxial instability is favorable and patient requires GA, give MANUAL IN LINE STABILIZATION/ swindle AWAKE FOB.

4. Restricted lung form of ~ accompanied by impending respiratory failure, is a circumstances, where we may be more inclined towards SAB in in the same state patients (e.g. Pregnancy, where the uterus more distant compromise lung function).  So regional anesthesia may subsist appropriate, if technically feasible.

5. Technical difficulties with SAB/EDB; epidural space located 2.5 cm from derm was reported in one case.

You be the subject of to put down all amounts, in the way that do not get the urge to tour down your numbers.

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