Swimming Pool Memories I (or How I Got Tenure!)

By Leslie

I used to affection to swim – and swim I did, to all intents and purposes every day, in the Washington University plash in St Louis. A certain camaraderie developed through those who shared adjacent lockers and swam at the corresponding; of like kind time in adjacent lanes. Two women became treasured friends and confidantes, person a botanist and the other a psychologist. They shared my struggles “over town at St Louis University” through a department chairman who believed that women belonged barely in the home.

When my encouragement to Associate professor was granted, he alone, of whole the Promotions Committee members, objected to granting me tenure. And so it was withheld. But not in favor of long. The news trickled out and a ability committee spontaneously formed – including pharmacology, order and other professors. A letter, supporting tenure for my position, with my credentials and CV, was sent to the President of the University.

Shortly thereafter, one weekday morning, I received a appoint from the University President’s service – commanding my presence the following first blush of the ~. And appear I did. I entered the post with the Medical School Dean and University President at hand. No words were wasted: “Dr Barton, manner is granted.”

Overjoyed, I hugged my spend frugally who had escorted me and . . . headed to the Washington University Pool. After a extremely vigorous swim, my two friends and I found ourselves showering together. I related the intelligence. We hugged; we danced; we shared the sensation – and only belatedly remembered that we were in the shower and it was time to dispose and get on with our lives. But this was a epoch, both within the pool and free from, that I would never forget!

July 2014

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