The End

The program is from one side of to the other. I have finished! So many days of studying. So frequent days of learning. I cannot put faith in that I get to say that I receive finished a masters program and I testament soon have that masters degree. Now, whole I have to do is declare by verdict a job! I have no archetype what my future holds for me. I be sure I want to keep learning and I am extremely charmed that I chose to do this program. Initially, I rely upon I was the only one doing this program having in regard that I was going to avail to pharmacy school. I would habitually like to pursue that path, excepting I am now also interested in a Ph.D in pharmacology. But, who knows! First I ~iness to start studying for that PCAT 🙁

Volunteering this year has been self-same enjoyable. My habitat humanity experience was super awesome this semester. We basically made jokes the unmixed time while adding the insulation to the exterior of the house. The weather was delicate, so we were not dying from the stir and took many memorable photos. (Which I di~ing vessel need from you Cait!)

Anyway, I in truth do hope that I stay in close union with everybody from the program. I may not desire been a huge social butterfly, moreover I met a number of enormous people in the program, and I truly wish everyone luck. We did it. We altogether stuck it through and completed this program. YAY!! And things being so we are all on to bigger and more usefully things!

April Hours: 26.5 hrs

Total present hours: 36.5 hrs
    Kipp: 24.5 hrs
    Habitat: 8 hrs
    Second Harvest: 2hrs
    Lead Samples: 2 hrs

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