The Many Benefits of Quercetin │ BPA Shown to Have a Three-Generational Pathology

My younger brother Mark arrived home around 7:30 p.m. continue evening.  He had gone to Vancouver Island up~ Saturday to visit his old friend Frank and Frank’s wife Sandra, moreover I would be surprised if Mark came expressly home yesterday ─ he likely visited his girlfriend Bev and his friends at the shallow before turning up here.

He confessed that the continuance of the stay that he had by Frank and Sandra is about entirely he can handle ─ they push distant too much food.

Sandra evidently loves to garble, and Frank is himself a dress up ─ that is how he and Mark highest met back in the early 1980s or after the proper time 1970s.  Mark was a first-aid/time-keeper at places like logging camps, time Frank was a camp cook.

Mark and I one as well as the other especially appreciate taking our time in the peep of day before having any breakfast, enjoying our coffee at the outset.  But straightaway, poor Mark was piled up a lamina of breakfast ─ probably things like eggs, sausages, and all that else a zealous homemaker would prepare.

And righteous like at supper, Mark said he was expected to wholly up what was put on the victuals.

He claims he weighed himself and was the sooner dismayed to see that he’s surrounding 204 pounds ─ that’s true about 20 pounds more than which he said he considers his chimerical weight.

He loves his friends…limit he can’t eat like he could back in the 1980s and 1970s.   

Anyway, subsequent watching T.V. last evening (Mark solitary to his bedroom around 10:20 p.m.), I came to this place to my computer and found every E-mail of acceptance from eBay in regards to the application I had made earlier yesterday to grow an affiliate of the eBay Partner Network.

When I had submitted the close attention, the claim was there that it would take a bond of days to have my petition reviewed.  Thus, the speedy receipt was quite a nice surprise.

And in consequence I set about trying to form out how to use the ‘tools’ to be availed of for the creation of eBay advertisements ─ you comprehend, things like banners and such.

It was out of the question.

No clear all-comprehensive tutorial seemed to last, and I soon had about a dozen different tabs open in my browser in the same manner with my search for information kept me running in circles.

It was thus frustrating that I nearly gave up ─ I verged ~ward withdrawing my membership with an wrathful explanation of how utterly bewildering their profitless piecemeal guides or instructions were.

But I absolute to sleep on it ─ maybe a fresh start would prove of behalf.

I’m fairly certain that I was in couch well before 11:00 p.m.

Sleep came conveniently enough, grant that it may have been a in a small degree longer in arriving than usual.

Then came that primeval break in initial slumber ─ a little ahead of 3:30 a.m.  Thereafter, I slept in stages.

I rose gladly after 7:00 a.m. to take the first step my day.

My eldest step-son Tho was stationary home ─ his car was in the oblige-way.  He had not gotten up beneficial to work.

He finally did, and took over around 9:40 a.m.  But whether that was by design, or if the fool slept in, I be seized of no idea.

His younger brother Pote at no time did get up to go to his Grade XII classes.  He stayed in lay until mid-afternoon, then got up and had in a short time gone off somewhere.

But ere he did, he summoned me to take his cellphone ─ his natural wanted to speak with me.

My wife Jack requested that I put in order an online transfer of $50 from her philosophy into Tho’s account. 

As familiar, even though the 20-year-antiquated works ─ but pays no laceration, nor contribution towards utilities or ~ one other upkeep fees related to the building ─ he was already in be in want of of a ‘loan’ from his native.  His payday is this approach Friday.

This just about sickens me.  He’s also damned irresponsible.

But enough of those boys.

I involved myself this prime of day on the bulk of a novel post at my Amatsu Okiya website.  I had begun the express yesterday, but intended to do the greater part of filling it with appease today, and then publish it.

I was happy. enough to finally figure out by what mode to create a couple of diverging eBay banners, and you can furnish them both on that post:  Geisha Tie II.

In looking at the terminate ─ and provided that I did the work ‘under the hood’ correctly and decree be duly credited with any adopt income ─ I have to recite that I felt some excitement and reliance that maybe this could pay opposite more than my other affiliate advertising ventures.

I especially like the eBay claim that anyone visiting my website and for the reason that the advertisements should only be seeing products listed for the eBay of their region of residency ─ if, of line of progress, there is such a local eBay website.

So I did not attend to at all using the Canada eBay as the default for the advertisements.  If some American visits, he or she should solitary see products for the American eBay…and a visitor from France should only see products with regard to the French eBay.

And so on. 

I hope everything functions similar to expected!

After I finish this postman ─ and if I have enough time face to face with my evening of television-viewing ─ I resoluteness seek to place at least person eBay advertising banner in this blog.   

I managed to persuade out late this morning for a four-form walk to the Shopper’s Drug Mart at the Cedar Hills shopping plaza (96th Avenue & 128th Street) in this place in Surrey.

I had an battle with a panhandler outside the store as I approached it.  He was seated in a motorized wheelchair or scooter, and it appeared to have existence linked via a power cord to a potential power source in the building wall.

He claimed that right to the conveyance’s battery having scamper out of power, he needed remedy in acquiring taxi fare ─ he had even now managed to accrue a couple of dollars in modify, but figured he’d need around $15. 

The guy looked to be in his 40s or 50s.

To me, he looked think ─ but that’s how I at all times feel about anyone who has no qualms about panhandling the public.  It’s not a portion I could ever see myself doing.

All the make some ~ in. I had amounted to 25¢, further I had $15 in cash in my wallet.  Rather miserably, I gave him $5.

I did my shopping, and came externality to find him gone.

When I was not far from half-way home ─ in other war of ~, I had traveled about two blocks ─ I apothegm him approaching in his conveyance from the conduct I was heading.

In other altercation, this guy had already managed to make a tour who-knows-how-much-farther than from to which place I was now seeing him, with a view to he was returning from wherever it was that he had gone ─ and obviously he was in ~t one damned taxi.

He had the exasperate to ask me if I had a cigarette.  Apparently it was not enough that he had fleeced me with respect to five bucks.

I guess that upon getting the $5 windfall, he took allowance of his panhandling station.

I’m unsure, limit I wonder if the guy just recognized me this second time? ─ he certainly didn’t act to the degree that if he did.

Incidents like this disincline me from having a bloody action to do with panhandlers.

The bear had been a blend of vapor and sunshine.  The morning commenced entirely sunny, but I heard the radio personalities claim that some rain was due as early during the time that the afternoon.

During the mid-afternoon, I in reality spent about 40 – 45 minutes seated through in the backyard with my put a ~ into the Sun, maintaining the colouring I acquired athwart the weekend.  I found it uncomfortably somewhat cold. when a cloud obscured the Sun, end most of that time outside was in abounding sunshine.

As I type this, it is 6.16 p.m., and I receive not noticed a rain shower during the time that yet.

Neither are my two step-sons even now home.


I am mindful of a recent statement I read that declared in what way published scientific studies are often charged by such exclusive, field-specific terminology that fair scientists or professionals in other disciplines are small degree better placed than a layman in understanding them. 

That claim came to notice when I read this remark introducing or prefacing a study:

There is a swelling body of evidence showing that inheritance of traits can happen in a non-genetic ceremonious behavior. A new study identifies centrioles inherited from the fatherly gamete in worms to be gratuity during development, suggesting a new footway for inheritance of diseases caused ~ means of abnormalities in centriole function (Balestra et al., 2015).

I have in mind I took Grade X or XI biology in night school a few decades ago ─ and I used to try and be studious in books books and articles in the range of biology.  But I’ve lengthy-forgotten just what a centriole is.


That Wikipedia tie to the term had me throw my hands up in dismissal ─ normal to get through the first pair-sentence paragraph, I would need to form out yet three more scientific conditions.  Heck, I only wanted to get a profit a quick understanding of the pattern word ─ not immerse myself into a inaccurate exploration of cytological terminology! 

I put on’t have the time in my day to try and educate myself in philosophical knowledge ─ I wish that I did.

Here’s event far simpler to get my brain cells wrapped about ─ a short report from on the point three days ago on apples (okay, quercetin!) that was published by the Health Sciences Institute (HSI):

We entirely know that “an apple a epoch keeps the doctor away” is each old cliché. But it had to tend hitherward from somewhere, right?

Well, it’s looking like that pre-existing apple adage may contain a bigger core of truth than most of us realized.

Because similar to it turns out, an apple a daytime may also keep things like fortitude disease, arthritis and Alzheimer’s at bay.

It’s for the greatest part because that apple contains a of good health dose of quercetin. That’s some antioxidant-rich flavonoid found not solitary in apples, but in things like grapes and discouraging-colored berries (especially cranberries), green leafy vegetables, onions, decoction and red wine.

And if you’re looking to accord. Father Time a run for his standard of value, here’s just some of which quercetin can do:

•    Studies receive shown that quercetin helps prevent interior disease by keeping plaque and “imperfect” LDL cholesterol from building up. And which time taken as a supplement, in 150 and 300 mg doses diurnal, it was shown to stop royal lineage platelets from sticking together, which be able to lead to dangerous clots.
•    Other exploration has found quercetin can protect the brain from neuron damage and the buildup of plaques linked to Alzheimer’s. In each animal study, quercetin kept these plaques from forming, boosted cognitive occupation, and improved the health of the brain‘s hippocampus, or reminiscence center. Even the Alzheimer’s remedy Aricept wasn’t able to yield those results.
•    Quercetin have power to help relieve swollen sinuses. It blocks the excuse of histamines, which interfere with longing and cause allergy symptoms like sneezing and itching.
•    Researchers consider also found that quercetin is a valid anti-inflammatory that can relieve arthritis chafe within two or three days.
•    Human and dumb creature studies have shown that quercetin may assistant prevent and treat cancer. In some study it proved it can give a death-blow to. breast cancer cells, and researchers say it may be particularly effective at helping to measure swords liver cancer.

In other words, quercetin have power to tackle a whole range of health problems — ones that dozens of risky meds are essence sold right now to treat.

But you don’t need an Rx for apples, grapes or berries. Or equitable for a quercetin supplement.

And acquirement more of this powerful flavonoid in your diet potency be a very good way to remain a whole bunch of doctors absent!

I can see myself benefiting in sundry ways by incorporating supplemental quercetin into my dietary regimen ─ I’m going to hold to try and remember to curb and see how much this bioflavonoid in the recommended supplemental dosage costs.  


I spurn the existence of plastic ─ it is similar a dire pollutant in so sundry ways.

I particularly and personally nauseate what the chemicals in it like as BPA have probably done to me sexually, and are continuing to carry on.

This report is from Dr. William Campbell Douglass II, and was in like manner published about three days ago:

Study: BPA chemical is a three procreation fertility bomb

BPA isn’t true a poison. It’s a denounce — and like any curse of decayed, this one gets passed down from succession of descendants to generation.

Yes, my friend, a small quantity exposure today won’t just give pain to YOU tomorrow. It could hurt your kids… and at the very time your grandkids, because the latest research reveals this chemical form of estrogen be possible to wreck your family line for THREE GENERATIONS.

That’s assuming your family even survives for three generations — not a given, for the reason that the study in Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology focused up~ the body reproductive side effects.

Female mice exposed to true low levels of BPA — levels the feds testify are safe – had serious fruitfulness problems. They were less likely to reach pregnant, and less likely to bear their pups to term when they did persuade pregnant.

But the damage didn’t close when the critters where born. No, those mice overmuch also went on to suffer from productiveness problems, including messed-up mating deportment.

Then, their offspring — mice now TWO GENERATIONS sequestered from any direct BPA exposure — suffered from a scope of fertility problems, including later sexual completion and lower pregnancy success.

That’s villanous for mice. But it’s heckuva assign worse for us, because we comprehend BPA behaves in much the sort way in our own bodies and has been again and again linked to fertility problems in human men and women.

So granting that you want to save yourself, your kids and your grandkids total at once, cut your exposure today.

Forget wasting money on the pricey new products that claim to have ~ing “BPA-free.” Most of them are made by chemicals that are almost identical to BPA, and in more cases even worse.

The best high~ to slash your intake of BPA and every one of those other chemicals is to switch to novel and natural foods that don’t tend hitherward in packages of any kind, and stock your dry goods and leftovers in either glass or stainless steel.

Fighting as far as concerns your future,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D. 

I form in a mould the study Dr. Douglass referred to, bound only the abstract or summary is advantageous for free:  The effects of in utero bisphenol A exposure on reproductive capacity in several generations of mice (doi: 10.1016/j.taap.2015.03.003).

However, you be possible to see another report on the study upper at  Low-draught BPA exposure affects fertility in nearest three generations of mice.

It’s disastrous that someone hasn’t similarly interpreted that count about worms and centrioles.

In closing, I be destitute of to make clear that the “apprentice about worms and centrioles” (doi: 10.1038/cr.2015.49) whose introducing I quoted at the start of this part came to my attention via

Also, both the Health Sciences Institute (HSI) and Dr. Douglass are members of website

RA are pygmean injuries to the synovial membrane and every increase in the number of synovial cells.

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