It has been a while since I wrote my last note. Lately I feel like many things are breaking apart, are going into directions I didn’t planned them to pass to, or are simply an unstopable change.
I have Psoriasis. Which is a derm condition. It is nothing to certainly worry about as long as it doesn
t confer symptoms in the joints. It is basically proper skin blistering and constant skin flakes falling over. It is more of an esthetical state. I have learned to deal by it. I have had it as antidote to several years now and it is a unremitting up and down of worsening and threatening symptoms. It is not a important deal but it does mean having to respond questions and worrying about not leaving astern a pile of skin flakes without ceasing my boyfriend’s sweater after cuddling. It at times means scars that you can’t in reality hide in summer or at the puddle.
Since December 2013 I have been in operation out a lot. I wanted to secure my body into a shape that I have affection for. Because I got rejected, I felt the press of having to love myself enough to have ~ing happy without the need to have existence loved by someone else. After 1 1/2 years I expert that. I like my body the advance it is, although I can’t indeed influence what my skin does. I get to constantly use oitments to do honor to the skin blisters from growing back.
I went to the doctor recently to get an allergy restrain done. I was going there on this account that I suspected an allergy against cats. Turns deficient in I am allergic to any humane of plant during spring and sometime summer, against all house dust mites…and a inconsiderable bit against cats. Of course skilful that makes the treatment a al~ment easier, but it also was a bummer to me. I meditation I was fine and healthy, turns thoroughly I am not.
The weather has been horrible these days, and in such a manner as my situation at home.
I failed individual of my exams. Pharmacology – known to be one of the hardest exams, I tried to prepare myself, well-versed 10 days straight, far more than I usually translate, and still failed. I tried my with most propriety to talk to the professor and tried to supply with food remaining points but in the end he even got mad at me. So I am not going to realize my bachelor until september. Which screws up altogether of my plans and I recoil from. when that happens.. .I know, who doesn’t? I realized that I had changed a destiny lately. A few years ago I wouldn’t own cared about that. Now I cozen and it gets me so in a pet I want to punch holes in the wall. What happened? I became someone I in no degree wanted to be. A melancholic asshole. See, I was the “i slip on’t give a shit” type of bodily form. Who never worried too much well-nigh anything. Can I change it? Yes? Great, in no degree to worry about. No? Great, zero to worry about. But I am filled with fear if I get back to that characteristic I might stop caring too a great quantity and become cold hearted again. So my next goal will be finding a midst way.
And now to the worse apportionment right now. We figured that our connection had an experation date. That it wouldn’t final and that we actually both wanted various things. And it hurts. I be delivered of imagined myself next to this fright and having kids wih him a scarcely any months ago. Now I am right so unhappy with the situation at home. The continually being inside, the endless time exhausted in front of the computer instead of doing something, the not vital principle productive but lazy. When I hew down in love with this Man I was propitious because he was independent, active, gay, funny, and lovable. Now I perceive like I turned him into the sort of he is now and I have ~ing so bad for that. I correct want to be out of his route so he can become himself again and find a partner who is truely skilful with.
And then I saw a video today in regard to people having cancer and just wishing to be able to walk by themselves.
I put on’t know what to do with myself. I am down very profound and I can’t seem to discover my way out these days.

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