Update !

I perceive I have been MIA for the exceeding few weeks, I apologise. As you guys are like group of genera to me I would like to experience some good news!

So you may or may not apprehend that I work in Boots while a dispensing assistant, as much during the time that I love my job it wasn’t that which I saw myself doing especially with a Pharmacology degree. So from the outset of this year till now I had been applying for jobs and going to interviews unless nothing worked out which I really believe was all part of God’s lay out to give me the job He has very lately. This job is related to my literary and involves making medication for children who be in possession of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. I am obliged to Him for His unending benignity and it is true when He says He has plans to go on well us not to harm us.

I would uncorrupt like to encourage anyone who is applying during a job and you feel like ~ness is coming your way. Our God is bigger than some of our problems, and He has a sketch out for you so just hold in c~tinuance and watch your prayers bear effect.

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