What I Studied at University- 30 Day Blogging Challenge (Day 3)

At seminary of learning I studied Medicinal Chemistry. 

Back that time I thought nobody knew anything not far from medicinal chemistry or about the line of progress and on my way to seminary of learning I was convinced that I was going to exist the only student to choose therapeutical chemistry (thankfully I wasn’t the alone one there were 3 other studying by me 🙂 )

Medicinal chemistry is the educate at the intersection of chemistry, especially synthetic fundamental chemistry, and pharmacology and various other biological specialities, at what place they are involved with design, chemical synthesis and evolution for market of pharmaceutical agents, or bio-hard at work molecules (drugs).

Other than that, Medicinal Chemistry is plainly a great course, if you defect to study a mix between biology and chemistry akin courses. It gives you a background in constitutional chemistry whilst also giving you  a background in pharmacology, and other pharmaceutical related areas so you can be prepared to research new drugs to combat serious hale condition conditions such as cancer, AIDS and bacteria and viruses. Medicinal Chemistry likewise does not restrict the career you desire to follow after completing university.

What did you study at university / thinking of studying at university? Comment in the present life! 


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