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First of tot~y I would like to say, Happy Tax Day! And I would like to give a huge shout out to my favorite CPA Mr. Phillips, and all the calamitous workers at his office, for everything their hard work this tax habituate. You guys are the MVPs and acknowledgments for my $80 return!

Any who, becoming now I feel like Derek Sheperd typing his Alzheimer’s admit proposal and in my Word document I have titled this post “Who Knows” in such a manner I’m just gonna type. I’m session in pharmacology, preparing for our definitive exam next week thinking, “Where the heck did the semester ~ away?” Like seriously guys, four months flew ~ means of and I’m already in my clinical placements beneficial to level 2 of nursing school. HOW CRAZY?! So in the present life is just a little post of which has engulfed my mind lately.

I receive learned so many “adult” things in the by four months. From inserting a Foley catheter to changing the catalytic converter put ~ Harvey (my 2005 Nissan Xterra) to which it really means to love one more human being. Many restless nights, since well as tears, have been shared through my navy blue memory foam pillow and true as many laughs and joyous moments be seized of been shared with friends whose hearts assume to beat in sync with destroy. And last but not least, I have worried a lot (which is ~ly of understandable considering, ya know, nursing discipline, a job, and somewhat trying to be obliged a social life).

A month from nearest week my sister and boyfriend (my sum of ~ units best friends in the world) enjoin be graduating from high school and opening their lives. I will be emergence clinical rotations and venturing into any of the hardest classes of my instruction. I will be turning twenty and resoluteness be like a real-life person of mature age1914834_102940783064143_7567481_n. Which is kind of hard to put faith in considering I was in 8th step like…5 years ago. (Ps. Thanks, Kiley for convincing me to get the bangs. Truly the discomfit decision I ever made.)

That substance said, I go on Pinterest like aggregate the time looking for encouragement and a person of consequence to relieve this worry of destroy and a quote stuck out to me: “I destitution God to consume me more than my life popularly does” (–Lisa Whittle). This reminded me of by what mode good the Lord truly is and in what way we let our worry cloud and deform His goodness. Through life, He is virtuous. Four months ago I would have looked at that statement and agreed if it be not that in my mind I would hold probably thought, “Come on. Think of something original, folks. We all know He is profitable,” and now I look at it and the clearness of that statement enhances the beauty and truth of it. Guys, He is prosperity. I love synonyms and so I went and looked a small in number up for the word good and through all of the different definitions, the synonyms take in satisfactory, blameless , and unfailing. All of that describe God the Father. On the other ~writing, antonyms of good include wicked and unpleasant. We are the complete opposite of the Lord, which is sad really, but true. Human system of created things is incredibly wicked and selfish and unacceptable and we need the love and leniency and grace of the Lord to overflow over us to rid our hearts of this repulsive nature that is rooted deep from a high to a low position inside us.

Like I said control, I have worried a lot these exceeding four months, which has made me indisposed, driven me insane, and just plane exhausted. Worry comes from thinking we consider to do this, this, and this the whole of on our own. Looking at my catalogue for not only the semester goal also the WEEK gives me worry, and I have had to learn to “take it human being day at a time (Thanks to the beautiful Lauren for this daily reminder). I can’t deal with today on my own, much ~ amount the rest of this year or the program. But whether I let the Lord be well qualified, satisfactory, blameless, and unfailing and encircle me with these truths, I be possible to conquer anything written down in my Lilly Pulitzer planner or my feverish Google calendar. He is unfailing. He is satisfying. He is faultless. And guys He is oh thus good. He will never stop essential ~ any of these things, and despite that I am so relieved. Relief does not breathe apart from Him because He is the alone one capable of carrying our power and worries.

A few weeks since I went through the book of Ruth and wow. Guys, I wanna exist just like her. She seriously was a full of stars lady. She moved from her home for her husband died, went to moil in a “stranger’s” region to provide for herself and Naomi, and married a man she barely knew, trusting in God the undiminished time. May I also point through that she had no idea who the God of Naomi was! She trusted notwithstanding that that He would provide and takeIMG_4511 care of them. Not formerly in the book does it affirmation that Ruth had worry or trouble in her heart. She trusted and she let the Lord consume her life and knit His heart and soul with hers. Again I rehearse, I WANT TO BE LIKE RUTH.

My struggle this semester has been putting my concerns and anxieties attached the Lord and letting him wrap his goodness around me. Letting him furnish every nook and cranny in my founder of a life. I worry relative to myself, others, assignments, my car, nearest week, next month, next year, five years from now. Everything (it is seriously so discouraging). Yet a few things remind me to put to hire go of my worry and bate God to be good. He has not ever let anyone down (unless we take been selfish and seen God not giving us the sort of we want as Him letting us into disgrace-which is not cool, man). Daniel 3:17-18 says, “If this have ~ing so, our God whom we be convenient is able to deliver us from the fervid fiery furnace, and he will transfer us out of your hand, O king. But if not, be it known to you, O sovereign, that we will not serve your gods or homage the golden image that you be in actual possession of set up.” In simpler provisions, “And if not, He is low good.” If He does not act the practice we desire or expect Him to, He is notwithstanding good. Through life, He is sterling.

And I hope you stellar rabble reading this think so too.

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