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Last May 16, 2015, I attended a Career Development Workshop organized ~ the agency of a new company called “101 Health Research” (website: http://101healthresearch.com/ ). Founded ~ the agency of Dra. Venus Oliva Cloma-Rosales (Dr. Ivy), the crew aims to promote public health research in the country by conducting careful search bootcamps and seminars, as well for the re~on that help young fellows understand research ~ dint of. offering guidance in conducting their studies and doing statistics.

101 Health Research. For inquiries, please visit their website at http://101healthresearch.com

101 Health Research. For inquiries, please survey their website at http://101healthresearch.com/

The workshop I attended was verily part of a two-day incident called “Research Bootcamp: Student Edition“; the principal day being a series of lectures having regard to study designs in clinical epidemiology, under which circumstances the second day being a sweep development workshop. Since I’ve already had a refresher course in clinical epidemiology on this account that I just had my Clinical Epidemiology II utmost semester, I figured that I straightforward needed to attend the second light of ~. From the start of my course of action in medicine (actually, since undergrad), I’ve before that time decided that I will take a scrutiny career path in the future to such a degree I kept searching and joining events like this.

The related workshop opened a lot of course of life possibilities in public health. There were lots of choices: hale condition policy, university-based research, NGOs, maternal and child health, etc. The speakers talked ready their careers; how some of them were clueless and incorrigible in finding their careers at before anything else, but eventually found a way and their invest in public health research. Before, whereas I talked about research, I’ve unceasingly thought that it was very bare. I wanted to do research. I be destitute of to collect data, analyze them, grant statistics and publish results, as mere as that. But after attending this workshop, I realized ~ of research is a vast collection of ~ persons more fields that people haven’t absolutely focused on yet.

Public health was the converging-point of the workshop. All those statistics in dignified school, as well as study designs that were tackled in community, like cohort, cross-sectional, case curb, etc. are what makes up the studies in the people health. But research in health isn’t straightforward that. I realized that there may in like manner be careers in pharmacology, genetics, corpuscular biology, biochemistry, and all those fields that ask looking at health at the molecular level. Though these fields weren’t tackled in the workshop, I realized that these fields are that which interest me most.

At the cessation of the workshop, we were asked, “So what would be your prospective career in health research?” I know that greatest in number of my fellow participants would recite they’re thinking of careers in “general body of mankind health”, “health policy”, “NGO based research”, etc., if it were not that I decided to tell Dr. Ivy Cloma-Rosaled and Dr. Adrian Rabe the sort of was really going on inside my category during that time. I told them that “Public freedom from disease isn’t my thing. I wanted to accomplish research in drug development, molecular biology, etc.” and they told me, “It’s okay, it’s always research.” And that made me joyous knowing that my understanding of exploration is right, and people can consider it. I am glad that researchers aren’t closing the doors and top their ears to the ideas/fields of other researchers and that maybe, in the future, there may exist a big collaboration between all these freedom from disease research paths.

So why research? It’s a dispute that I’ve been asked through all ages since I started telling people I wanted to work out research. Even my mom asked me wherefore I wanted to do research in lieu of doing clinics where I can really apply what I’ve expert in medschool. Some people thought that it may be there’s money in research, that it’s a novel career path so fewer competitors, that clinical epidemiology is without ceasing the trend now, and many greater degree of. What most people don’t perform is that we’ve been doing study since the dawn of man. It isn’t commencing at all.

Research is study. Research is philosophical knowledge. It is knowing what is known, and the kind of is unknown. It is making the without the knowledge of known. And I wanted to carry into effect it because I wanted to examine geographically the world, discover new things, be the first to contrive new stuff and make a make some ~ in., if we needed a change. It doesn’t mean that I won’t do clinics. I’m just trying to improve what doctors prepare in clinics, by doing research. It is improving good for nothing technologies, innovating new techniques, and inspiring persons. It is about improving lives.

It is qualified what is known, and what is hidden. It is making the unknown known. That is study.

There are so many health researchers in the globe and people just don’t realize that. Even in medschool, let us boldness it. Most of our subjects complicate memorization, and there are a LOT of platitude to study so that most of the time we even-handed memorize them without understanding them and without questioning their validity and reliability. And this is why we do research. To keep things updated. To exhibit new cures to new diseases. Drugs don’t blameless come out of nowhere. Nature effect them, humans discover and research them. We are total innate researchers; we just don’t accomplish it sometimes.

So all in altogether, I enjoyed attending that workshop by 101 Health Research because I saying new health research opportunities. I moreover met people with similar research interests and goals. Even granting that I told them public health isn’t my substance, I’m not closing the doors ~ the sake of public health. Actually, it is my introversion and civic anxiety that hinders me from taking a career path in a common related work, but who knows? Lab be in action. Public health. My doors are fully prepared to all opportunities and possibilities because I love research.

So, do you wanna have existence part of the growing community of health researchers? Here are some community websites that you may join. Here, you may obtain research opportunities, seminars on public soundness, and meet fellow health researchers with similar interests and goals.

1. healthspace.asia

2. careersforhealth.ph

I’ll befitting you there!

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