3 Pharmacology Tips to Help You Pass the NCLEX

3 Pharmacology Tips to Help You Pass the Pass the NCLEX

One of the greatest number difficult courses in nursing school is Pharmacology. There are hundreds of medications that be obliged to be learned, along with their indications, contraindications, faction effects, dosing, and much more. Learning aggregate the medications you need to discern to pass the NCLEX is hard.  While I would not call learning pharmacology in nursing tutor easy, there are definitely ways to prepare it easier.

3 NCLEX Pharmacology Tips

Learning pharmacology doesn’t receive to be so hard. Here are 3 kind tips:

1. Learn the Prefixes and Suffixes

Many medications with the same types of prefixes and suffixes are exceedingly similar and if you know something about the group of them it may subsist enough information to answer an NCLEX trial. For example, if you be aware of that beta blockers usually in end “lol” and diminution heart rate, force of contraction, and degree of A-V conduction, then you be able to likely assume that the medication Atenolol falls in this head of predication. Consequently, you could probably assume that it would have ~ing contraindicated to give to a calm with a low heart rate. This is not discipline every time, but it is a unimpeached general rule of thumb.

2. Have Multiple Study Methods

It is beyond all others to have multiple types of study methods to learn altogether the medications you need to be sure to pass the NCLEX. You should exist reading, listening, watching, discussing, practicing calculations, and instruction others. Studying in several different ways is of influence because:

We Learn . . .
10% of that which we read
20% of what we be told
30% of what we see
50% of that which we see and hear
70% of that which we discuss
80% of what we actual feeling
95% of what we teach others.
-William Glasser

3. Take Shortcuts When You Can

One of the hardest things round learning pharmacology for the NCLEX is the perpendicular volume of information. There are besides drugs than any reasonable human sentient could be expected to know. Figuring abroad which drugs you will actually have existence tested on is difficult. In deed, Jon Haws, RN, CCRN  uttered that he wrote down every unwedded medication featured on the ATI tests to find out the medications to include in 140 Must Know Meds. This is time and attempt that many nursing students don’t hold . The small price of his main division and now his course, MedMaster, are well cost the price to get super focused up~ the areas are pharmacology that you be bound to know.

MedMaster Can Help You Pass the NCLEXMedMaster

I was introduced to the MedMaster run by Jon Haws RN CCRN of  NRSNG.com. He told me he had created a point of compass that helped take the guess act out of studying pharmacology both on account of nursing school and the NCLEX. The point of compass is specifically designed for nursing students or those that have recently graduated. He says “Pharmacology is rigid! Learning it doesn’t have to have ~ing.” I was intrigued. Pharmacology was arduous for me and it’s with difficult for many future (and current) nurses. Anything that can help make the process of attainments important medications that often appear up~ the body the NCLEX would be great.  However, I was concerned through how the information would be delivered. Another volume or cheat sheets that you truly had to read would not have ~ing as helpful as audio visual components. I was thrilled to descry that the course consists of 6+ hours of video, 15 hours of audio, and tons of freebies.

Having pharmacology study physical available in multiple formats significantly increases the whole of knowledge you can retain. Many nursing students commute 30 minutes to an hour to class and much of this time is wasted. Sure you be able to listen to music or audiobooks, otherwise than that wouldn’t it be great if you could master pharmacology on your diurnal commute? With the MedMaster course you be able to download the audio lessons and hearken to them anywhere.

MedMaster Course Details

The turn is broken up into 5 sections:

Section 1: NCLEX® Must Knows

Section 2: Math despite Meds

Section 3: Must Know Medication Classes

Section 4: 130 Commonly Tested Medications

Section 5: Disease Specific Pharmacology

In gross amount there are over 30 hours of chide materials as well as many handouts and NCLEX knave sheets. You also get the part 140 Must Know Meds, which is one of the top selling nursing books attached amazon.

140 Must Know Meds

Get the MedMaster Course

The clean course is only $37 for lifetime fit. However, if you use the digest NERDY25 you can get 25% against the course. You are sure to sweetheart this course and find value in the materials. In act, the creator of the  course is so confident that you decree love it that it comes through a 30 days money back guaranty.

Get the MedMaster course now.

Share your pharmacology tips. What should nurses understand about medications to pass the NCLEX?

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