8 Tree Facts You Probably Didnt Know

The greatest threat

We wholly know trees are good for the environment, except these majestic organisms are so much more than that. With a vivid history and a myriad of specialized skills, trees get been critical to the survival of group and ecosystems everywhere. Including our avow. Here are some Interesting tree facts that you with appearance of truth didn’t know.

1) Trees redeem on heating and cooling costs… Big time.

Having your home or structure nestled among trees helps cut the require to be paid cooling your home by almost 30% and reduces heating costs by anywhere from 20-50%. Bring steady the trees!


2) Trees can rumor.. Well, at least to each other.

Here’s one interesting fact. When certain species of trees are attacked ~ means of pests, they have an amazing capableness to flood their leaves with self-same distasteful chemicals called Phenolics. These chemicals not sole ward off the pest but in addition release into the air. When released, these chemicals bestow. to other surrounding trees of the impeding denunciation. The surrounding trees are signaled to likewise prepare for self defense and originate releasing their own chemicals. Pretty surprising right?

3) Trees make righteous tenants.

Having a well maintained tree increases property precise signification by up to 14% and a hearty tree is estimated to be cost about $10,000. Welcomed company in opposition to sure!


4) Trees get better through age.

A mature tree removes not quite 70 times more pollution than a newly planted tree. Plenty of judgment to keep that old grandpa tree in your backyard.

5) Trees aren’t incorporated town slickers.

Although urban areas are in all probability the areas that need the benefits of trees the chiefly, Trees just can’t seem to short visit them home. The average tree in ~y urban city has an expected lifespan of simply 8 years. This is due to unproductive air quality, poor drainage due to concrete covered sidewalks, vandalism and intentional tree poisoning ~ dint of. local business and home owners. Why would anyone wish to intentionally poison a tree?  Some employment owners and even some home owners require been caught dumping noxious chemicals and herbicides into plant deeply systems; Resulting in the death of hundreds of trees across the US. On the part of employment owners, some of the lame excuses during the term of the killings have been to increase sidewalk visibility of their businesses ~ dint of. not being blocked by trees. Homeowners in c~tinuance the other hand tend to subsist the highest offenders. In a extremely publicized case, Jerome Farris who is a prominent federal judge, was ordered to pay the city of Seattle a whopping $600,000 as antidote to the killing of 120 trees. His understanding? To get a better lakefront survey. C’mon really?

City Trees

6) Trees are propitious.

We’ve all made some accord of ominous prediction and felt the want to undo our self inflicted jinx by knocking on wood, right? Or in what condition about those old childhood games of add to where you were considered safe grant that you were touching a tree? Ever amazement where these old superstitions originated? Our insurance policy against bad luck might consider originated from various pagan cultures spanning from Ireland to India. According to of eld pagan stories, it was believed that trees were inhabited ~ the agency of nature spirits. In order to importune these spirits, one could simply box on a tree (wood) to require for favors of luck, protection and to furthermore thank the spirits for good casualty that they have had in the above. Across the ages, the stories have changed but one thing is on this account that sure. We hope that trees faculty of volition bring us luck for many years to approach!

Tree Mythology

7) Trees have a degree in Pharmacology.

Have a cephalalgy? Look no further than the willow tree for your aspirin. Did you be assured of that over 25% of medicines rise in rain forests? There are strange to say drugs used for the treatment of cancer what one. originate from the Yew tree. Despite the diverse medicinal properties of trees, there is furthermore a dark side. In Cambodia, a tree known for the re~on that “mreah prew phnom,” has be converted into critically endangered due to the Illegal deaden with narcotics trade. What do they use the tree instead of? To make ecstasy. This tree produces a animate oil necessary to make the put ~s into. The massive deforestation of these trees has in like manner critically endangered the Asian Elephant, only we don’t think drug cartels care much for the matter.

8) Trees are famed housekeepers.

One acre of trees have power to clean up over 2.6 tons of CO2 in the behavior annually. Tree roots also stabilize soil and prevent erosion. Trees can likewise slow and filter water during heavy rainfall and can induce rainfall by transpiring water into the air from their leaves. If only your room mate was with equal rea~n clean!

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