Cola Rowley: From Science to Politics for Newest Missoula County Commissioner

Commissioner Nicole “Cola” Rowley has been featured being of the cl~s who one of Missoula’s Top 20 Under 40! We are excessively excited for her and are satisfying for her service to Missoula County. Here is Martin Kidston’s Missoulian, item. 

As a girl growing up in Sidney, Nicole “Cola” Rowley was encouraged to conceit big. She took her parent’s information and left for Utah, where she earned her doctorate in pharmacology and science of poisons.

Since then, Rowley – now 31 – has be turned into a mother twice over, maintained each 11-year marriage to a chemist, and won a tight choice to become a Missoula County deputy.

Through it all, she looks back on the advice of her parents and maintains each optimistic outlook for the future.

“My father owned a business and my mom was a school-mistress,” Rowley said. “They at all times just believed in me and speculation I could do anything.”

Rowley’s travels from her Sidney roots have taken her into a denser consistence an ambitious path. She earned her bachelor’s quality in biology from Dickenson State University and her doctorate from the University of Utah.

Her exploration focused on drug development for neurological disorders.

After I got my Ph.D., I wanted to advance back to Montana,” she afore~. “I did my post-doc at Rocky Mountain Labs in Hamilton, working on neurological immunology.”

Rowley did the toil for a year, but she longed to have existence more active in the community.

She took a work at ~s at Early Head Start before funding cuts sent her looking because a new job. She found it in the same proportion that an environmental health specialist working in the place of Missoula County.

The position introduced her to the pile of local government and the role it plays for community residents. It also sparked her selfishness in leadership, and she prepared to travel over a run for the Lolo Community Council.

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Photo from the Missoulian: Kurt Wilson

It was afterwards, as she knocked on doors for the time of the early days of her campaign, that populace asked her to think bigger. She was encouraged to put with force for Missoula County commissioner.

“I’d purpose about it, but I also notion it was a pretty bold step,” she said. “But it seemed like the timing was straight.”

Rowley and Donald Davies, the couple Democrats, faced incumbent commissioner Michele Landquist in finally year’s June primary. Rowley won the original and squared off against Republican Vicky Gordon in November’s total election.

Rowley watched the election ~ on out at Brooks and Brown. When the death ended, she’d won 53 percent of the promised.

“It worked out,” she declared. “I love what I conclude now. I feel like I’m workmanship a difference for the larger social sympathy.”

With six months under her zone as a new commissioner, Rowley is looking to promise with the public, despite the requirement of sitting in countless meetings that continue her and other commissioners sequestered.

“The do ~-work has a lot of challenges, and they’re unaccustomed challenges to me in unexpected ways,” she afore~. “Sitting in our little duel room becomes insular. It would have ~ing easy to become complacent and decline touch, and I don’t require to do that.”

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