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I am currently in the backer out of a five semester ADN program and this semester is my elementary clinical(SNF.) In my program, everyone takes pharmacology the principal semester and I was disappointed through the class. I did well, got every A, and got the bare basics that were strained in the class but I was expecting to be sure a lot more about a greater tell of drugs by the end of the rank. I find myself looking up drugs total the time still. I know it’s timely in my program and career bound my question to you current nurses (or students to a greater distance along than I) is how did you learn relative to drugs? REALLY learn about them…not accurate memorize and use it to circulate pharm tests. If I were to doings out on a limb I would suspect that it comes with experience and to a greater degree exposure to medications in clinical or the workplace. I honest wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts up~ the body this. I wasn’t sure allowing that I should post this here or in the nursing sect section. Feel free to move it suppose that you think it’s appropriate.

Thanks everyone!

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