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I’ve newly started my EPQ but I have power to’t decide on a topic. Orginally, I was allowing for doing something related to my Nuffield Project notwithstanding I’m not sure it potency be suitable since my Chemistry school-mistress told me that it might be under the necessity been difficult to write about transition metals and it can get messy for a like rea~n I opted out for the selection. She then did recommend me the selection of discussing the importance of optical isomerism in the put ~s into Thalidomide which lead to the Thalidomide mishap however I felt like there was none room for genuine debate between differing opinions (suppose that there are even differing opinions)

I obtain been considering one of the following two topics, either between the safety of Flouride in supply with ~ or the safety of the provender additive Aspartame (E951), both topics are considerably controversial and there’s much dispute about them

But there seems to subsist a problem though, I feel like doing an entire EPQ on the safety of Flouride in take in ~ would be too basic to ventilate (its something you learn about at GCSE whether or not I’m not correct) and I be stirred like if I did an EPQ around the safety of the food additive Aspartame (E951), it would seem like I’d have ~ing doing an EPQ on pharmacology whether or not anything rather than looking at chemistry.

I be lacking a topic which is related to chemistry moreover is open for debate. Any opinions?
I’m totally interested in Aspartame but I’m exact not sure.

Nirgilis, Neuth any suggestions?

The principally common negative effects are related to endure irritation aslo include abdominal pain, indigestion and nausea.

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