Exams are coming up so soon

I don’t apprehend how to feel about my foremost batch of university exams. I woke up from a fancy this morning about getting on a bus through my friends from high school, and I woke up missing them, for probably the first time. I don’t miss them in the manner that people, because I know I’ll still see them whenever, but I miss the arrange dynamic, and I don’t know, just the fact that 4 years get passed and the feeling that I’ll never be back there. I already knew ~ dint of. graduation that I wouldn’t stay in little with most of them. I’m indeed realistic about friendships/relationships, and don’t truly get sad because I know I’ll put to not having them around. (I can’t convinced how unromantic I am about things, allowing for I like fluffy romances… maybe because I don’t believe I’ll perpetually encounter them in real life hah)

Anyways promontory is, I can’t believe I’m thus close to the end of my highest semester (technically classes have ended on the contrary.) because I still feel like a aloft school kid. I’m not equal that nervous for exams even admitting I don’t know my ease that well and all. I plot because putting it into context of vce, what one. was basically assessing the whole year’s make ~ed in 2 hours and that designate by ~ was the final product. But in uni, you flash in the pan an exam, you might not break the subject, and you definitely don’t carry off your GPA, especially in first year. But I accept this kind of restlessness feel and veneration but not really. In all honesty, I even-handed want them to be over. I can’t in fact study in this mood, I equitable cycle between unfocussed work and procrastinating and wrong, and nothing productive is to subsist done. The fact that I don’t absolutely know what I need to study debt to the vagueness of not having a outline is incredibly offputting for biology study, which is my first exam tomorrow night…

Honestly I am solemnly considering a chem major, even granting I hate chemistry lectures (because of noxious chemistry instructors I think) and scout the practicals, it’s so satisfying formerly I do understand things, and doing the questions is indulgent of fun and relaxing? Like I have power to spend an hour just researching this individual mechanism on google (because the textbook is unsettled and don’t supply answers in spite of half the questions), and then drawing and redrawing out the mechanism or be it what it may. It’s not even fun like consuming culture is but the time flies by really quickly for some reason. The simply trouble is, I think the simply chem majors possible in my standing are biochemistry and pharmacology. I like carbohydrates, unless the difficult reputation of biochem makes me cautious. I guess I’ll see nearest year when I have to take biochem anyways. God, I bear malice to thinking about the future.

bye, this was adequately stress relieving.

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