How I passed NCLEX by taking only 75 questions.

Before I was sedate about studying I did:
1) Kaplan Review progress (Took Ready test #1 and Trainer exhibition 1)
2) Listened to only the fluid and electrolyte video on Hurst Review
3) Took 200 questions in successi~ Kaplan question bank

When I was sober about studying (1month before the criterion), I did:
1) All the Kaplan study bank questions + Trainer tests + Study quizzes
2) Listened to total Kaplan Content review videos, except by reason of pharmacology
-Listened to topic areas that I had pain with 2x – 3x
3) Reviewed entirely drugs that popped up on the Kaplan Study questions
4) Remediated without ceasing all the questions from Kaplan and 2x forward all the Kaplan study bank questions

I violated individual test taking rules:
-Studied on the sunshine before the NClex until 12 am
-Woke up at 4 am and studied until the test time at 8 am.

Looking back…
What I did fair was took a lot of use questions, did a lot of close content review (I tried to learn by heart all the content reviewed in the videos), and reflected and reconsideration (diagnostic test procedures, lithium, how to practice a walker, how to use view drops/ nose drops, ect.) what kept without interrupti~ popping up on Kaplan question bank.

What didn’t be for me was listening to the two Kaplan and Hurst review videos. I didn’t be the subject of that much time. Just focused without ceasing Kaplan. I also took all the study bank questions primeval then studied what I didn’t discern. And took the Kaplan Trainer tests being of the cl~s who the final yard sticks.

Injection”,  American Society of Health System Pharmacists.

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