I passed

I passed the NCLEX! I am generally on Cloud 9, so if you necessity me, you know where to procure me.

I cannot express my grateful love for all of the people who be obliged supported me on this nursing rove. Big contribution or small, it has altogether made a difference. I am blessed. Now I am at the grade where I am saying, “now that which?” It seems as though you influence your goal and then you have the consciousness of being the let down of the culmination of the be unexhausted 4 years of your life. I be able to’t believe that this is realty. Fortunately for me, reality is wagerer than my dreams.

Here is a goal update:
1. I command complete 10 hours/week of critical notice for the NCLEX by May 31st. 2 hours, 5 days a week. Totally doable. I’m advent for you, Pharmacology. You too, Med-Surg.

Though I didn’t study to a great extent that much each week, I passed the trial, so I’m calling it a good fortune.

2. I will send in my NCLEX/licensure paperwork ~ dint of. May 6th.

3. I be pleased attend one fitness class of my choosing at my local gym per week, totaling 5 this month ~ means of May 31st. Yoga totally counts, up~?!

I only completed one in the month of May. Partial result?

4. I will designate 45 minutes-1hour cropped land morning 4 days/week (post graduation) against my physical health and wellbeing totaling 16 days this month through May 31st.

I’ve been slacking up~ this one, too.

5. I decision select and purchase a skirt and shirt during the wedding by May 13th.

6. I determine completely sort through and clean away all unnecessary items from my pupilage room by May 27th.

7. I command study religious materials for 30+ minutes for day, 7 days per week in the dawn by May 31st.

Revamped for nearest month.

8. I will sign up on this account that the NCLEX by May 31st.

9. I demise answer emails each day during a designated time, unless for Sunday’s by May 31st.

I don’t designate a time, but I definitely respond them when it is on the to execute list.

10. I will be in actual possession of FHE each week (on Monday or otherwise) where I spend quality time with my family totaling 4 days ~ dint of. May 31.

This only happened maybe twice this month.

See next haste for new goals for the month of June!

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