It’s Monday! Too much school taking up too much time!

I be conscious of being as if the nursing instructors collaborated without ceasing how to make their poor students the in the greatest degree miserable and decided to make everything happen this week. 🙁
We have a freedom from disease fair we need to do a introduction for and our all important pharmacology proof that I kind of put off studying for until the week in the presence of this week and it’s stressing me exhausted. The health fair I could care smaller about… it’s not going to be useful to me in the all a~ run and is not worth that ~ persons points. However, the pharmacology is truly important and useful and is excellence a lot of points. So for what cause do I feel like I worn out equal amounts of time preparing as being them?!?!??!
Rant over… maybe. 😉
In improved in health news, I was at work latest week and there was a main division my boss was investigating to escort if it had mold and it happened to have existence The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, that I’ve read before and enjoyed. I jokingly suggested that whether or not it had mold she should appropriate weed it and give it to me. However, she liked that exemplar when she discovered that it had solely been ever checked out twice because that we’d had it and some of the times it was I that checked it fully. So is scored a free main division ! I should re-read it things being so to celebrate but I doubt that bequeath happen any time soon. 🙁
I also scored a few books at Goodwill then I popped in for some curative book buying after a long twenty-four hours of studying. 🙂
So here’s my delineation week!

Finished this week

King Lear through William Shakespeare

Currently Reading

The Valley of Vision

Ivanhoe ~ the agency of Sir Walter Scott (re-read)- Definitely more fit the second time! I’m instead of sure moving my rating on Goodreads up from a three lot to a four star. Not safe after that… possibly a five.

Coming Soon

Armadale by Wilkie Collins (as you can look this is a favorite of father of mine!)

The Borrowers by Mary Norton

Romeo and Juliet ~ means of William Shakespeare

Reviews Posted this Week

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ~ means of Jules Verne

King Lear by William Shakespeare 

P.S. Please invoke for Sheila at Book Journey who hosts this ring up. Her son passed away a tie weeks ago. 

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