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Migraine sufferers Amy O’Brien and Bonnie Sue Garcia as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but needed relief without medication. Their disunited paths led them to the same lay: acupuncture.

O’Brien, who is with child and can’t take the migraine drug she’s relied on for years, chose method of treating with a licensed acupuncturist. Garcia, who started acquisition migraines right before she turned 50, ground answers with a medical doctor who uses acupuncture in her custom.

“We’re kind of severe to keep a foot in Western remedial agent but bringing what Eastern medicine have power to offer on top of that,” says Dr. Claudia Harsh, a specialist in of medicine acupuncture and integrative medicine with the Integrative Medicine Program at Baylor Charles A. Sammons Cancer Center at Dallas. Harsh is Garcia’s medical man.

Garcia turned to Harsh after seizing migraine medication that only gave her evanescent relief and unwanted side effects. She wanted to furnish the root cause of the debilitating migraines that had abruptly taken over her life.

“I had a accumulate of medication that I refused to take on this account that it wasn’t making me ~ of any better,” says Garcia, whose neurologist that time suggested Botox. “That just complaisant of freaked me out. That was my after all the rest straw. I’m not doing Botox in my first place. I am not comfortable with that.”

Her exploration for a more holistic approach led her to The Pain Cure: The Proven Medical Program That Helps End Your Chronic Pain by Dharma Singh Khalsa. Next, she found out about the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture and Harsh.

“What I liked in various places her approach was that she interviewed you to try to comprehend your lifestyle, how much stress you have in your life and your food,” says Garcia, who lives in Grand Prairie and works in banking in downtown Dallas.

“I knew I was related to the right person.”

O’Brien of Lake Highlands was in like manner looking for alternatives last fall at the time her obstetrician- gynecologist told her that the superfluous caffeine in Excedrin Migraine medicine was loudly of the question, as were Botox injections. O’Brien, who is appropriate in August, says her migraines intensified in her primitive trimester.

“I went from having three to four migraine attacks per month to two per week to which place I was shut down 16 hours, can’t rouse, hanging out in the bathroom, atrocious, quiet, no lights, no sound, zero,” says O’Brien, a healer recruiter for Staff Care in Irving. “I for good went to my doctor and afore~, ‘I can’t do this anymore. I possess to go to work still.’”

O’Brien’s physician said that his aunt was for the reason that relief through acupuncture. O’Brien booked each appointment with Ellee Carlson, a licensed acupuncturist at Southwest Acupuncture Clinic in Richardson.

“I wish I had known on the point this in the first trimester for that would have been fantastic,” says O’Brien, who has suffered from migraines before this age 7. “For the longest time I didn’t perceive there were any options. I none would have thought about acupuncture, blameless because you don’t hear over it.”

Acupuncture for migraine displease relief is not new but it’s decorous more mainstream since the medical community began embracing it.

The goal’s the like

“I find that we’re weakly behind the curve here in Dallas. Certainly without interrupti~ the East Coast and West Coast, it’s not quite standard that people would go and obtain acupuncture for pain,” says Harsh, who has a medicinal degree from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and completed sanatory acupuncture training at UCLA.

Both Harsh and Dr. Chaouki Khoury, manager of the Baylor Headache Center, aim to a German study led through Klaus Linde and published in 2005 in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The trial consisted of 12 sessions through the whole extent of eight weeks. Experts compared the effectiveness of acupuncture concerning migraines against no acupuncture and imposition acupuncture. The study showed an actual improvement for those receiving both acupuncture and sham acupuncture with none improvement for the control group.

Khoury furthermore cites another study published in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology in February 2015. “That study compares the effectiveness of acupuncture therapy and common drug therapy on the psychological half face of migraine patients,” he says.

Khoury, who refers patients disclosed for acupuncture, says studies prove acupuncture during pain does have benefits, but he and multitude medical experts work off the philosophy that its stress-and-relaxation techniques are elucidation.

“Is it truly because we’re hitting the Chinese points of your fervor and your love and all the deviating acupuncture points per se?” he says. “No … it’s a stress-and-relaxation technique, the same track as yoga helps with headache, like Pilates helps with headache, acupuncture helps with headache.”

So while experts helping migraine patients may accept different working theories, their goal is the identical: alleviating the pain.

Carlson, who treats O’Brien, says management strategy depends on pinpointing the migraine’s fasten cause, which may involve hormones, material part tissue or nerves.

“My prospect is probably quite different because I am approaching the patient’s diagnosis from each Eastern medicine paradigm. While I definitely take their biomedical diagnosis into importance, I do not select a manipulation strategy based upon that. I draw nigh the patient from a holistic perspective analyzing how the entire system is functioning and responding to apparent and internal disruption,” Carlson says.

O’Brien and Garcia assert they believe the needles inserted into their protuberance muscle, neck and head are guide to their relief.

Carlson inserts needles into her tight neck and shoulder muscles, O’Brien says, as well during the time that the scalp and in her eyebrows because her migraines start behind her eyes.

Pressure-receipt in full valve

“As a traditional Chinese physic practitioner, I assess the overall display, looking to discern the pathomechanism aft the migraine and seek out the confirm cause. Are the migraines exacerbated ~ the agency of changing weather conditions? Fluctuations in the catamenial cycle? Certain foods? Stress? Muscle rigor?” says Carlson, who has a bachelor of science in integrative biology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a master of information(traditional Oriental medicine) from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago. “There are great number possibilities, and it is my piece of work to explore these options.”

After a small in number visits with Carlson, O’Brien says in that place was noticeable improvement.

“It’s portentous. I haven’t had to set aside any plans,” she says. “I don’t be aware of where I’d be without her. I’d subsist miserable.”

Harsh and Carlson’s approaches are uniform. Their initial assessment includes looking too medical history, lifestyle and nutrition. About eight to 16 needles are typically used in as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but Carlson and Harsh’s migraine treatment.

“It’s two paths up the like mountain,” says Harsh, who furthermore is an OB-GYN with Texas Oncology. “We practice the same terminology. Our perspectives are weakly different. I will always start through a medical model because I am a medical man. But I try not to focus on the differences and say, ‘Hey, suppose that I put a point in comprehensive intestine 4 on the hand, that’s at what place the licensed acupuncturist puts it, too.’ I might use different modalities and variant nutritional supplements than they do — I don’t employment herbs, for instance. Everybody finds the road that works for them.”

Patients O’Brien and Garcia receive taken Harsh and Carlson’s feeding, lifestyle and posture recommendations to inclination. Both have scaled back on caffeinated drinks, and Garcia avoids nuts and yogurt, which seem to trigger her migraines.

After just a few 30-minute sessions of relieving strain in her shoulders and neck, “Those were the days I could rest like a baby,” Garcia says. “If it wasn’t with a view to me really pushing these doctors and doing my admit research, I think I would get continued to struggle with them [migraines], and I offscum to live my life that street.”

Both O’Brien and Garcia rehearse they are rethinking the stress in their everyday lives.

“We’re in a tillage where we burn the candle at the pair ends and we get lauded as antidote to overdoing it and overbooking ourselves. It’s honest not good,” says Harsh. “It have a mind come out somewhere in our hale condition, and migraines I think are humane of like a pressure-release valve.”

O’Brien expects to abide doing acupuncture even after her baby arrives. No need to take medicament. And that shift in her thinking is a healthy one, Harsh says.

“We esteem to change our mentality: ‘I afflict, let me take this pill,’ to ‘I afflict. Let me think about how I’m dormant at night and what I’m corroding and how I’m being nourished through the people in my life.’ It becomes a broader awareness of what’s going on in our lives, and I don’t believe it’s a bad thing,” Harsh says.


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