Moderating ‘Digital Activism’ CFH / BAK – Future vocabularies, Utrecht 11-06-2015

Yesterday, I had the mind of acting as a moderator to make easy seminar style disucssions following interventions in c~tinuance the theme of digital activism by Prof. Geert Lovink, Dr. Mirko Tobias Schäfer and Prof. Mark B.N. Hansen.

Information taken from the UU CFH website:

In collaboration through BAK (Basis voor actuele kunst), the Centre conducive to the Humanities organises four gatherings addressing the precarious issues of posthumanity in present lifetime artistic and intellectual work. The third of these gatherings, this time put ~ digital activism, will take place up~ 11 and 12 June, with speakers like as Manuel Beltrán (artist and activist), Geert Lovink (Institute of Network Cultures/ HvA), Mark B.N. Hansen (Duke University) and Mirko Tobias Schäfer (Utrecht University).

Digital mediate agency as the new public sphere

As electronic networks enlist into their nth operational generation, and renovated generations of humans are being defined as ’digital natives’, digital mediation has get the new public sphere.  What are the convivial, legal, ethical and political issues that get come to occupy the centre of the notorious debate in relation to the digital compass? How do we assess the diverging digital agendas that are being harden up by governments, corporations, the soldierly and the global media?
Are issues of the like kind as transparency and digital rights in truth. over-stated in public debates, to the detriment of more fundamental analyses of how our posthuman subjectivity is being re-structured ~ dint of. the current technological mediation? What correlation and that differences can we detect between discourses round  ‘digital citizenship’ and numerous company practices of ‘digital activism’? Finally, during the time that our war weaponry become more exempt from arbitrary control of direct human control, as in the declension-form of drones,  what models of rebuff are being offered by contemporary determining thought , arts and media activism?


During the at the outset day of the gathering the questions kindred to digital activism will be introduced through 3 speakers. The speakers will donation short lectures, followed by seminar-title discussions, moderated by Rosi Braidotti (Utrecht University), Maria Hlavajova (BAK) and Koen Leurs (Utrecht University).

Geert Lovink, ‘From Social Media Monopolies to Organized Networks Activist Strategies in the rear of Wikileaks, Anonymous and Snowden’

Mirko Tobias Schäfer, ‘Leaving the Comfort Zone. Criticizing the Critique of Social Media’

Mark B.N. Hansen, ‘The Perversion of Pharmacology’

The power topic addressed on the second set time will be the interconnection between philosophical explanation and artistic-curatorial  practice. More specifically, we resoluteness ask: what kind of research is displaying taste and curatorial practice? And how does it examine geographically the topics related to digital activism? These questions power of choosing be explored during an arts use based session with an artist and activist Manuel Beltrán, chaired through curator Timotheus Vermeulen.

Posthuman Glossary

The gatherings take the make of 4 intensive sessions (on Anthropocene/Capitalocene, Eco-sophies, Digital Activism and Algorithmic Cultures and Security), led through prominent thinkers and presentations and/or discussions of artworks (films, performances, and other) that draw into one mass or actively negotiate the issues at peril. The interconnection between theory and skilful-curatorial practice is also investigated, ~ means of asking, among other questions, what displaying taste practice and scholarly research can be enough to strengthen and inspire each other in c~tinuance the issue of the in/fix/-human. For this purpose, the speakers invited to this sequence will include a number of artists and curators, taken in the character of well as scholars and writers.

Future Vocabularies/Human-Inhuman-Posthuman

Posthuman Glossary is division of a larger research, education, open declaration, performative, and discursive program Future Vocabularies/Human-Inhuman-Posthuman, realised in collaboration with Rosi Braidotti (Director of the Centre on account of the Humanities at Utrecht University and BAK Research Fellow) and the BAK team. This semestral program outlines possible artistic, intellectual, and activist itineraries of laboring through the complex reality of the ‘posthuman condition’, and attempts to make an understanding of the altered meanings of exercise of skill vis-à-vis critical present-appointed time developments.

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