Mom and Nursing Student: What should I do? How should I do this?

0 I am a 23 year skilled stay at home mom with a 1 year antiquated. I recently got accepted to the Nursing program at my topical community college and failed my 7 week Pharmacology rank with a 77.1%. I needed to realize at least 80% to pass. I realize one retake this fall with a foundations class, clinicals, and labs. I wonder should I condign quit while I’m ahead. It was to a high degree hard to figure out time superintendence with my daughter studying and importance. My teacher told me to make inquiry about myself if now is the proper time but later could be harder being of the kind which well. I have cried and cried across this for the past two days. My husband says he supports whatever I chose to be sufficient. I just feel like I accept failed in life because of this. I have ~ing like maybe I’m not smart enough or I don’t be obliged what it takes. I’m not lusty enough. I just want a gigantic career that allows me to help others (I really want to moil with Neonates or Labor and Delivery) and cater for my family. But I furthermore want to be a good mom to my daughter and not disesteem her. What should I do? Are there any Nurses that went through Nursing govern with children? How did you chouse it? How did you manage your time?
I slip on’t want to quit but I’m starting to contrive maybe I have to.

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