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TOADMAN through Nigel Pennick (Limited Edition Hardcover Bound in Quarter Toadskin in Custom Slipcase)

Nigel Pennick:The Toadman, Lore and Legend, Rites and Ceremonies of Toadmanry and Related Traditional Magical Practices:
Society of Esoteric Endeavour,
Hardback 16cm x xi + 130pp Illustrated, more in colour. Paper used 120 gsm laid successful contestant. Numbered limited Edition of 150 copies
Book is in Fine predicament in like slipcase.

The Binding of the Book

All 150 copies are partially bound in toadskin leather and clergy with labels blocked in pure gold put ~ goatskin. In Britain all toads are rare, extinct in some parts of the unpolished. This leather comes from Australia to what the Cane Toad, an alien give rise to, was introduced to control pests nevertheless, without natural predators, became rampant by some areas suffering plague like infestations. This leather is prepared from Cane Toads culled ~ dint of. the local authorities. It has a singular texture, being decidedly warty. However, defiance how this sounds, it is ~ dint of. no means unpleasant to the meet. It seems appropriate that the derm of an animal which can stir up such squeamish reactions can sit likewise comfortably in the hand whilst the volume is being read. The spine label and en~ on the front board are blocked in innocent gold on goatskin leather. All copies also feature hand-marbled paper made ~ the agency of Anne Muir Marbling Ltd. and features ample waves across the pattern achieved through thumping the tank whilst the document takes the ink. This particular manufacturer excels at this technique.

Copies Nos. 34 – 150 are proper position bound in the toadskin with stipulated hand-marbled endpapers.

Every copy, one as well as the other half and quarter bound have a moderate toad device blind blocked (ie ~t any colour) somewhere on the book, a deviating location every book, sometimes being wholly hard to find!

Gullveigarbok by Vexior (Signed Specially Bound in White Snake and Leather Edition) Very subtile only two known!

Only 2 known copies of this secretly commissioned binding!!!

Signed leather and snake bound copies of this privately commissioned in a great degree sought after title. 242 pages, Extra great quality paper and finished with extraordinary hand marbled endpapers, fully illustrated through several representations of Gullveig in her separate incarnations and with a fold-fully chart of the Underworld. Hand-confine. and sewed in high quality maroon leather with a cloth bookmark

From the publisher:

Gullveig is the Teutonic and Germanic highest delicate principle of darkness – the lass, the mother, and the crone: Gullveig’s traits are like to Lilith’s and Hecate’s. In the Old Norse Mythology she is the evil arch- mother of the giants and the depressing arts; she’s also the sacred feminine manifestation of the analogue thursian purpose.

PANPARADOX through Vexior (Limited Edition Hardcover Revised, Updated and Expanded Second Edition)

This take part with edition contains also an earlier unpublished chapter entitled The Flaming Nexus life an updated summary of the author’s insights into the topics that the work delves into.

Regular edition of handnumbered 430 copies. Hardcover part with symbol foiled in silver up~ the cover, small Octavo. Heavily illustrated with drawings and photos with fullcolour drawing plates. 208 pages.

PanParadox: Pan Towards Chaos is a group of author’s personal notes, rituals, drawings, photographs and writings gathered during 11 years of Panic workings influenced by Old Norse teachings.

VENEFICIUM: Magic, Witchcraft and the Poison Path ~ the agency of Daniel A. Schulke (First Edition Trade Hardcover)

Veneficium concerns the intersection of magic and poison, originating in remotest ancients and reaching into the present light of ~. Beyond their functions as agents of physical harm, poisons have also served while gateways of religious ecstasy, occult attainments, and sensorial aberration, as well since the basis of cures.

Allied with Samael, the Edenic serpent of primary transgression whose name in some interpretations is ‘Venom of God’, this small face of magic wends through the rites of pristine Sumer and Egypt, through European Necromancy, Alchemy, the arcane the rites of the Witches’ Sabbath, and fresh-day folk magic.

Of particular scholium to this study are the herbs of the in the same manner-called ‘Devil’s Garden’, enduring relation to the witchcraft concepts of the Graal of Midnight, the Witches’ Supper, and the Unguentum Sabbati, the flying ointment of the witches which has exerted fascination over scholar, historians, and practitioners resembling.

Beyond consideration of the toxicological bulk of magical power, the concurrent pass through of astral and philosophical poisons are also examined, and their resonance and harshness with magical practice explored. Veneficium be pleased be of interest to students of witchery, witchcraft, alchemy, botanical folklore, medicine, and latent pharmacology.

Hardcover with dust jacket limited to 1,200 copies. Book is in exquisite condition.

Agrippa 4th Book of Occult Philosophy (Deluxe Limited Edition Quarter Leather)

Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Translated into English by Robert Turner.
Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy.
London: Askin Publishers, 1978. Limited issue . Hardcover. 8vo. xvi + (xvi +) 218pp.

Book is in intimate fine condition.

Quarter leather with flourishing cloth boards, gold design on upper provision, gilt stamped leather title label put ~ spine, b&w illustrations & diagrams.

Volume 4 of “Source Works of Mediaeval And Renaissance Magic.” Quarter leather facsimile impression limited to 500 numbered copies.

LAPIDUS: IN PURSUIT OF GOLD by David Curwen (Very Rare White Leather Deluxe Edition) 1 of but 5 produced!

Lost for more than three decades, the companion volume to In Pursuit of Gold has been establish.

For decades students of alchemy be under the necessity believed that In Pursuit of Gold – hailed about its 1976 publication as a thinly scattered work by one of the hardly any practicing laboratory alchemists writing in English for the period of the mid-to-late 20th hundred – constituted the sole alchemical subject penned by the enigmatic alchemist Lapidus. The conformity to fact is that Lapidus – real name David Curwen – wrote a encourage text which, unknown to most, he secreted gone with at least one trusted Brother in the Art. Throughout the intervening years this remarkable book, The Pass-Keys to Alchemy, has passed from one side just a few select and trusted hands.

IDOLATRY RESTOR’D by Daniel Schulke (Deluxe Conservatory Signed Limited Edition Hardcover in Custom Slipcase)

Very incomparable Conservatory edition of only 33 copies produced. This centre of life #28.
This is the rarest of this edition produced and only offered privately ~ dint of. the publisher.
Book is bound in pair-tone green cloth with special endpapers, unseasoned wraps, signed and slipcased

From the publisher:

The transferring of magical power to image is a trouble well understood in so-called ‘primitive’ magic, in which occurs a mutual incorporation of re-presentation and the Represented. The Fetish, as antidote to example, apprehends a reciprocal process betwixt Object and Creator that often begins a ~ time before chisels and adzes are established to wood, participating in its have a title to reification. Many of these eldritch forms of image-making were concerned with accessing authority, and it was only later, in the words immediately preceding of religious devotion, that their forms densified into ‘mere’ idols. With increasing levels of godly control over art, a Moiré example arises between the Artist and the forces of the Divine, which may either suppress individual visionary efficiency in favor of canonized icons, or, when correctly accessed, give rise to one ‘heretical creativity’.

THE DRAGON BOOK OF ESSEX through Andrew Chumbley (Limited Edition Hardcover) Import

Limited to 808 chirography-numbered copies, full cloth over hard boards, with gilt blocking on hide and spine.

From the publisher:

This actual work expounds the sorcerous ethos and praxes of the Crooked Path formulary of worship system. Its contents include a revolution of time of ten extensive Mystery-rites, harvested land accompanied by adjunctive solitary rituals and detailed commentaries. Additional texts report the intricacies of Sabbatic ritualization, for the re~on that well as an extensive body of starry lore and ritual. The Sorcerous Formulae of Number and Sign are furthermore communicated, together with detailed exegeses of the Quadriga, the peculiar covine-type of the Crooked Path. A detailed portion on the Magical Weapons of the Draconian Sorcerer complements the verse . This work is intended as every entire resumé of the ancestral and ophidian components of Traditional Craft Sorcery and Sabbatic Gnosis. The Dragon Book of Essex originally comprised a portion of the rites and practices of every inner conclave of the Cultus Sabbati known being of the cl~s who The Column of the Crooked Path.

HANDS OF APOSTASY Daniel Schulke & Michael Howard (Special Quarter Bound in Goat) 1 of 63

Quarter Bound in Goat, with decorative boards and marbled endpapers. 1 of no other than 63 copies produced.

Old-style Craft, in like manner known as traditional witchcraft, endures being of the cl~s who a distinct body of archaic magical practices in ready-day Britain, North America and Australia. Originally without a name, such bodies are related to a kind of historical magical streams, most notably the practices of the Grimoires or ‘mournful books’, folk-healing, and popular charm of the early modern era. Typically, of that kind groups operate in secret, with tense means of initiatic succession, and acting out sorcery characterized by a dual ethos of curative and harming. Though an internally contentious issue, the word witch is accepted considered in the state of a descriptor for practitioners of this shrewdness, as is anti-witching for practices of removing curses and astringent magical malefactors.

Gullveigarbok by Vexior (Deluxe Signed Leather Edition)

Extra remote from the equator quality paper and finished with calamitous endpapers, fully illustrated with several representations of Gullveig in her divergent incarnations and with a fold-at a loss chart of the Underworld. Hand-confine. and sewed in high quality chestnut color leather with a cloth bookmark.

From the publisher:

Gullveig is the Teutonic and Germanic highest female. principle of darkness – the female servant, the mother, and the crone: Gullveig’s traits are resembling to Lilith’s and Hecate’s. In the Old Norse Mythology she is the inauspicious arch- mother of the giants and the dingy arts; she’s also the godlike feminine manifestation of the analogue thursian purpose.

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