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i’m surpassingly grateful to use this as a personal diary to record all my feelings, thoughts & emotions. notwithstanding, most of my posts for the beyond few years have been about have affection for. although i feel better after discovery words to express how i be conscious of being & getting things off my chest, i’ve realized that if i don’t blog respecting anything else but him, that’s wholly i’ll have to refer back to. even supposing he’s played a big role in my life, i’d abhor for him to be the solely focus. i need to start blogging in regard to other things in life. about my book of ~. about goals/progress.

since i’ve thorough-bred mcaiii, i can now look back & utter that not passing the first time was in event a blessing in disguise. i ended up acquisition a solid A the second time round, which not only was a HUGE boost in my GPA, if it be not that also gave me time to learn in what state to think like a nurse. i am progression more confident in my skills & perception now & can answer nclex questions superior. although i would have graduated with my original cohort by this time, i don’t repent of graduating half a year later if the benefits outweigh the cost.

in this “2 month break” that i bring forth while my new cohort takes peds & motherhood (which i’ve already completed w my ~-fashioned cohort) my plans are:

– vegas through anita
– vegas for jeanne’s birthday
– BLS, ACLS, PALS, EKG/Pharmacology certification
– hawaii, oahu come short for one week (4 hikes, 2.6 miles of kayaking to one island, 1 luau)
– move swing up into balcony
– hurst nclex survey (250 pgs that accompany lecture vids)
– study/go over again w old classmates for nclex easy in mind
– prepare for hesi exit exam (perform all questions from mybestgrade)
– cabo notwithstanding bachelorette
– record songs on uke

i accept roughly 3 weeks left. need to point of convergence so that once i resume classes my motivation resoluteness still be high. need to do this program with a strong gpa. hoping i get pediatrics for my preceptorship/senior composition. *fingerscrossed

I totally forgot to cursory reference a HUGE event that happened the other sunlight – Brad Coyle, my little up bantling from Camp Adventure in Korea 5 years since emailed me. I was so propitious I almost cried. I can’t give credit to my 8 year old is at this moment in 7th grade. He looks for the most part exactly the same except taller. I inert feel so much love for him ~wards all these years. After trying to mind for a way to contact him a few years back, I gave up and figured that I’d not be able to talk to him or comprehend how he’s doing. The tale of Brad deserves it’s have post. I’ll have to scribble one sometime in the future. I’m happy so incredibly happy that he came across the picture of us that I gave to him up~ the body the last day of Camp Adventure what one. had my contact info on it. Sometimes, it’s just little acts at the right time that behest come back to pleasantly surprise you.

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