This devise belong to two individuals who worked excessive in order to be a felicitous product for the benefit of MANKIND,a real simple vision between two persons in return what  GOD given to us the talents and hopefully helped one and the other individual for their intention to  gain health and strength for everyday of their life.

 It was started forward a very simple discussion on foods that  served to us common night, associated with chemicals on the internal side of it without knowledge to others ,great sea purposed is on how to washed on the ~side toxins on food intake we ate. Very technical discussions and my friend know me much on intellectuality.He encouraged me to be enough a research and lots of questions raised previous to me,and he made it doubtless that i can handle it in a limited time.

Begun to dare as fast as i could,whether i say yes, might caused  into affliction with my finances backed in PHL,own a good job in Abu Dhabi,and began my ardent wish to be well known  Agronomist in UAE.And in this place is my best friend,requested me to make a research which might deteriorate my yearning.If i say  NO, my hale condition diminished everyday and looked  an other to hampered nor  cured  me  and felt in the way that tired for daily work routine ,likewise, accepted  the offer.

A broad proposal to make into reality,uses lots of hardships and ~ual faculties and worth millions of pesos in degree to be a dream come stanch for the future.when introduced to me beneficial to mankind,at first felt reluctant ,similar to if we are supermen to helped others steady their health,until such time,me likewise was afraid  on ailments arise.
well-nigh everyday meeting ,we plan  on study and exploration,hes  on finance and marketing,i’m on  study,study,data gathering and conclusion to manufacturing.

I acquire to review the basics of agronomy,versed in books books in nutrition,dietician,pharmacology,manuals,manuscripts and pamphlets,encyclopedias and just medical dictionary.Consumed  a year to bring about this subject ,and now looked which plants suited for the consumed not the same 12 months before i  traced the mark subject matter.

Looked data on the internet and conduct agencies but negative to nothing at wholly on  matured coconut water,looking a needle in a strand house of sand is the round.But my very best friend supported me evermore,every other day called me and gave me   bound to do what is right support,he knew how i encountered difficulties in doing the job,and he trusted me a division.Until such time i finished the prior study and i had to ~ on foot backed to Abu Dhabi for vacation for 2 months,defended to my with most propriety friend the data andknowledge i’ve collected .

After my intermission,backed to PHL for implementation and given conditions analysis,applied to  plants and nearest to animals simultaneously and the moot point arise when the subject matter is in human,wasteful to support a person with freedom from disease i arise to be myself as the subject matter.Removed the whole of my health problems inside of me within a year,and continue intake to the time when now to keep me healthy.

I am things being so ready to face my best friend  to instant the achievement of our  discovered crops we’ve planned before,intended towards the benefit of mankind and at this moment gaining respect to others, a incomplex product which benefited us most ~ward our daily lives,our problems forward health will help to diminished concerning intake of cocos cider vinegar,further it will protect us on the accident of ailments and diseases,removes toxins from the nutriment we take and as defense machinery for our lives and so on.

Seven years  looking each one of us ,eleven years of brainstorming,not easily work,patience and discouragements when started to concoct to marketing,four years of gaining emporium trusts,sometimes both  suffered mental,emotional and financial difficulties for seven years for an overall of  twenty years that uses  lots of our of the understanding and inspirations  to achieved  true  fool product  that everybody should be grand of .

A  simple mission of two  individuals who uses the whole of their resources to attain the objective and above all who  have trouble to MANKIND without any restrictions from at all parts of the world.

From the native strength of our hearts,COCOS CIDER VINEGAR is a  worthless gift from both of us to MANKIND.

Others take Valium despite recreational purposes and often in capital doses.

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