Registered Nurse Career Path

“I’m  not telling you it’s going to have ~ing easy. I’m telling you it’s going to have ~ing worth it.”
-Art Williams

A adduce by Art Williams, which inspires us to ~ away ahead in life and even in the untamed times, your work, your sweat, your tears, be disposed all pay off in the slack run. The quote implies to your course of conduct, such as nursing. Even when we believe that no quantity is possible, actually everything is possible with just a touch of self resoluteness and willingness. Nursing is a none ending job, but very well prompted by emulation. Are you ready to take the summons to contest?

RN Duties And Responsibilities

During shifts RNs execute various job duties that could embody caring and educating a patient all over their conditions. Daily RN duties take in:

“I’m  not telling you it’s going to subsist easy. I’m telling you it’s going to subsist worth it.”

-Art Williams

A quote by Art Williams, which inspires us to circumstance ahead in life and even in the crabbed times, your work, your sweat, your tears, have a mind all pay off in the lingering run. The quote implies to your move rapidly, such as nursing. Even when we confident that nothing is possible, actually everything is likely with just a touch of self fixity of purpose and willingness. Nursing is a not at all ending job, but very well based on competition. Are you ready to take the demand?

RN.jpgRN Duties And Responsibilities

Working with a variety of patients, from pediatric or geriatric, or specializing in undivided of numerous possible areas such viewed like neonatal intensive care, cardiac care, neurologic care or dermatology

Observing and recording uncomplaining behavior

Consulting with physicians and other healthcare furniture

Supervising licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and certified nurture assistants (CNAs)

Performing diagnostics tests

Treating curative emergencies, such as heart attacks, strokes, car accidents and burns like well as recovering postoperative patients

Administering medications and treatments                                     


Career Outlook

A multifariousness of job positions are available in today’s healthcare results. Every day acute and coordinated care, advanced exposition, critical thinking, and leadership skills are utilized. Among the race possibilities for highly skilled nurses are:

Chief Nursing Officer: CNOs are answerable for facilitating the design and giving of patient care, advancing the aristocracy of relationships between staff and colleagues, and maintaining networks of care providers.

Nurse Anesthetist: NAs are RNs who get obtained advanced education and training and are certified to administer anesthesia to patients for the time of surgery,either independently or under the management of an anesthesiologist. They evaluate patients during pre- and post-op examinations and mark out the safest method of anesthesia since each patient.

Critical Care Nurse: CCNs drudge with acutely ill patients in intensifying care units, cardiac units, and neonatal and pediatric intensive care units, where complex diagnoses, northerly-intensity treatments and continual supervision are required.

Labor and Delivery Nurse: LDs care in opposition to women who are delivering babies. They overseer the mother and baby before and for the time of the birth, and care for the newborn instantly after. LD nurses assist with childbirth and treating any complications that arise, and supply support and education for new mothers and their families.

Patient Educator: Patient educators work with patients and their families, helping them constitution informed decisions about their health and usage. They also focus on preventative care through teaching positive health behaviors  and skills needed to keep a healthy lifestyle.

The career I would paucity to pursue as of what symbol of RN is an LD (Labor and Delivery Nurse). I would take pleasure in monitoring a newborn baby as well taken in the character of the mother. Babies have always been some interest for me, so I deliberate it’s a great idea to hunt this career. I would not solely be doing a career I’d take pleasure in, but as well as helping the newborn baby and their mother with any complications, care, food, and education for the new mothers and families.

What rank levels are available?

The education varies between what degree you choose. As each RN who has just entered their calling must have an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). This grade is available at community and vocational colleges and extreme up to 2-3 years. Some of the common courses include:

Adult and family soundness

Psychiatric nursing


Human development

Anatomy and science of organized beings

RNs with just an Associate Degree can decide to go up a even and earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). BSN programs are offered at community and universities and take up to 4 years. BSN programs focus in more advanced nursing methodology and clinical drill. Students are equipped with administrative and precarious thinking skills necessary to earn a higher attitude later on. Courses such as:

Community hale condition

Leadership in nursing

Healthcare management

Nursing investigation


Professional issues in nursing

I myself indigence to earn at least a Bachelor of Science in Nursing(BSN) and afterward go from there to earn a Master’s Degree inasmuch as it could expand any job opportunities considered in the state of well as salary wise. A RN with a Master’s Degree deals by more severe situations and are greater amount of looked for in the medical surface for the more experience acquired. RN’s by a Master’s Degree have additional opportunities and experience, due to the added knowledge acquired and hands-on actual trial, so therefore they could be offered in greater numbers jobs in places that could not and nothing else expand their salary, work shift and hours, boundary as well as education. Such taken in the character of more severe patient situations like operations, transplants and such forth. This could only benefit.

About Nursing Licensure

After finishing the desired nursing order, a RN must be licensed. Licensure is the measure by which boards of nursing concession permission to an individual to plight in nursing practice after determining that the bodily substance has acquired the necessary skills and lore to perform the required applications. Licensure requirements deviate according to state but they typically embody passage of state-approved training program and the National Council Licensure Examination as being Registered Nurses (NCLEX).

Associate’s Degree Programs                                Average Salary

2 years                                                                    $64,690

Bachelor’s Degree                                                  Years In School

4 years                                                                    3-4

Master’s Degree                                                     Job Outlook

2 years                                                                    Excellent

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 9.16.11 AM.pngScreen Shot 2015-04-17 at 9.16.26 AM.png

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.11.43 AM.png

Prior to instruction, depending on what college or literary institution you decide to attend, requires unlike each other requirements. As of the University Of Arkansas, my excel university choice, requires prerequisites in require to be admitted to the B.S.N. Program. These prerequisites could be

GPA > 3.0 (GPA 4.0 X 7)

Completion of 4 required courses with at least a C grade in each.

Chemistry with Lab

Human Anatomy by Lab

Human Physiology with Lab

Microbiology through Lab

     3.   Admitted Honors Program students with 18 or more honors credit hours

     4.   Successful finishing of required* nursing prerequisite courses OR each additional

           remove completion: Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree

*English 6 credits, Mathematics/Statistics 6 credits, Science 16 credits, Fine   Arts/Humanities 6 credits, U.S. History 3 credits, Social Sciences 9 credits, Pre-Nursing 6 credits

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 9.11.31 AM.png

It’s Not Too Late

We live in the substantive world not a fantasy. A opportunity where we don’t immediately invest with a degree from high school, earn a guild degree, land a full time piece of work and work until retire. It takes time, longsuffering and fulfillment. Or maybe some of us practise live in a fantasy world whither everything went the way they judgment it would and currently  a policemen, English professor or in the range of cosmetology. But somewhere along the lines the fulfillment was gone. The exhausting moil, time and patience was lost.

Have you ever thought of becoming a nurse? A not ending career. As well as a expanding field where 168,000 new jobs are projected by 2020. Would you enjoy pursuing a course of life that will not only fulfill you, boundary a career that will not lose interest and only keep expanding year through year advancing their technology while convention and assisting their patients?

Take the next step just like Heather Carroll, Theresa Brown and Patrick Joyce, who are not sole satisfied with their new career, however grateful they took the next step. Take a behold at the success stories of three nurses who got a recently start but are now flourishing their fulfilling nursing careers.

1401806861-nurse-heather-carroll.jpgHeather Carroll

Heather Carroll works for example a labor and delivery nurse in The Birthplace at Fairview Southdale Hospital in Edina, Minnesota. But it wasn’t every easy road to take, she didn’t virtuous graduate from high school, earn a college degree, receive a full-time work at ~s and work until retirement. She went end various obstacles to get to to which place she is now.

In 1989, Carroll graduated pre-eminent school. She didn’t go to association, instead she earned a diploma in cosmetology from The Aveda Institute. For the next 12 years, Carroll maintained a firm career in various salons.

“I continued my technical teaching, always keeping up with the latest products or techniques, if it were not that never considered a college education,” she says. “I accurate felt like I wasn’t smart enough to do the academic lump of matter.”

In 2001, she left the salon efforts focusing on taking care of her three children. A leash years later her financial situation became vacillating and she knew she had to possess back to work. At that time, she realised she ~t one longer felt a passion for moving in salons.

Her decision on pursuing a nursing course was based on the 30 days she worn out with her dad when he suffered a ponderous brain hemorrhage. “The 30 days I worn out at his side in the surgical ICU granted all the confirmation I needed to follow a nursing degree,” she says.

At 32, Carroll faced the people obstacles she had to go end to pursue this career such for the re~on that the prerequisites, test and financial take turn with, while still balancing her life at home by yet three children. During the in the ~ place semester she pushed through with a 4.0 GPA. Carroll felt sure and motivated and confident to perfect her degree. “I had the revelation that I was actually quite pungent and capable,” she recalls.

The figment of a young mother who was unsure of her chosen active life and ended up pursuing a conduct she knew she would be auspicious in. Never giving up, never judgment it was too late, but possibly just too soon.

1401806899-nurse-theresa-brown.jpgTheresa Brown

As a fulfilled and auspicious English professor at Tufts University, Theresa Brown soon realized her passion she had at what time becoming a mother. In a 2009 New York Times substance Brown wrote, “After having my son, I realized I wanted a piece of work where i was expected to care approximately people, not grade or judge them.” Later up~ Brown became pregnant with twins. She admired her midwives concerning helping her through her pregnancy. “When I mentioned my liking for them, a friend who’s a promote told me, ‘you could bring about that job,’ ” she writes.

The institute of her new career started therefore. Between the 6 years she took to officially be turned into a registered nurse, she balanced motherhood through nursing school. As a nursing scholar she recalls on-the-job experiences with patients that taught her truly which nursing is actually about, while intellect the complexity and difficultness.

Now, since an oncology nurse, she treats and aids patients uniform though she admits the job can be “messy and stressful”. Brown at this time has a fulfilling job that suits the couple her self as well as her subdivision of an order. From the insecurity of her foremost career to the fulfillment of her further.

Patrick Joyce

1389102203-402_235SONWE.jpgPatrick Joyce worked in the expressed command enforcement department as a police official for over a decade. Sooner than later he came to a mark where he knew that working in the expressed command enforcement was not the right paroxysm for him. But what would his next step be?

“While working taken in the character of a law enforcement officer, I had numerous encounters with the local hospital’s pass department,” he recalls. Joyce had numerous encounters to witness the hospital’s prop as they worked in both profound and low-pressure situations.

Joyce re-evaluated which his next step would be. He knew the curative field interested him, so from that witticism on he started his research. Researching from separate medical positions to salaries. He ended up with a handful of career possibilities: curative assistant, certified nursing aid, registered feed, x-ray technician, respiratory therapist and material therapist.

By discussing his options through his family, making appointments with exercise, speaking with college recruiters and touring campuses, Joyce came to a establishment. He would become a registered nourish (RN).

He now works as a RN with a view to the largest nonprofit hospital system in Florida space of time holding several positions on different the stage within his assigned unit. Joyce is currently working on earning his Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN). Due to the steps Joyce took in his approximate to pursue a different career, he feels in the same manner with if his future is bright on this account that of the support he received from his lineage.

Everyone has their personal journey to be successful, passionate, and professional in their course. With a touch of patience, adding of determinants and hard work anything is practicable. Not only does it take constancy, determination and hard work, but in the manner that well as willingness. Willingness to stronghold fighting even when the times gets jarring. Willingness to never give up and deprive interest. Never say it’s in addition late, because it’s never overmuch late.

Hospital vs. Clinic

A RN be able to work in various types of places. Hospitals and clinics are the couple on top of the list. Not sole does one have to consider the minor circumstances of each work setting to remark what’s best for you, still as well as finding a fitting environment. After that prosperous issue will come to you.

The capital option a RN has is a hospital. One of the most good and top places one can moil. A hospital is where all surgeries, transplants, emergencies are treated. Sometimes through a fatal ending. Hospital work is greater degree stressful because you never know then someone is going to come in through a broken arm, broken leg, cancer or ~ one other type of emergency.

Rebecca, generally a RN in a hospital, was interviewed and asked a manifold of questions.

Q: How long with have you been with the Hospital?

A: Two years. I was moreover a student nursing assistant for two years while I was in drill at the University of Wisconsin.

Q: What it is like operating at an academic medical center like UW Hospital and Clinics?

A: I esteem that you definitely get a greater quantity challenging experience. The patients are often critically ill, so you get a fate of experience and see more keen conditions. You work with the physicians and pharmacists – a fortune of different people and professions – and they are at all times willing to help you.

Q: What would you statement is the most challenging thing surrounding your job?

A: Since we are captain-~ medicine, you come to work not percipient what specific patients and diseases you are going to know. So I would say the class of patient populations is the greatest in number challenging element of my job.

Q: Why did you change to a nurse?

A: I wanted to care with regard to patients and contribute to the lapse toward recovery. It’s so portentous to see the difference between at the time that they come into the hospital – some of them are so ill – and at what time they leave and are feeling to such a degree much better.

Rebecca mentioned her continued working in a hospital. She clearly explains a major difference. How you treat patients who are critically ugly and due to that you get way more experience and knowledge than you would in a clinic.

Working in a clinic is a abundant less stressful, yet quite busy environment. Working in a clinic comprise getting exam tables ready and in affirmation, checking otoscope and ophthalmoscope lights toward ear and eye tests, turning ~ward computers and getting charts ready concerning the day. On a busy generation a clinic can get up to 30 patients or greater quantity. On a normal day 15 or added. As a clinic nurse height is checked, scale and other vitals and as well at the same time that get details of any injuries or complaint that brought the patient to the clinic. A clinic care for also handles follow-up tests like MRI’s, X-rays and setting up meetings with specialities.

Clinic Nurse vs. Hospital Nurse

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 9.15.39 AM.png

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 9.19.42 AM.png

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 9.19.02 AM.png

The exceeding photos are comments of difference nurses who select either a clinic or a hospital.

Even admitting the differences between a clinic foster and hospital are quite obvious, canaille have different opinions on wether that environment the prefer the best and what one. suits them better because at the period of the day being satisfied through your job is all that matters. Nevertheless, totality nurses have something in common.

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