“Running Around with the Rag-top Down”

Well….in conclusion week Kea came home from her in the ~ place year of college….she has survived and thrived what one. is more than I can recite I did after that first full of incidents year (you mean I’ve got to call into existence another identity after 18 yrs of crafting that other undivided…it was too much!)…Kea notwithstanding is showing many signs of maturity. She’s supportive of Natalie’s firmness to go hang out in Asheville beneficial to 4 years even though she’d like her to join her in Dallas, she’s amazingly philosopihcal on the eve not being able to go to Rome (I kinda wish to slash some tires at UD…dejected UD alumni), she’s showing added resilience when hanging with this subdivision of an order of strong personalities (I usually make into semi-unconsciousness after the before anything else 15 mins of family yik-yaking which can go on for hours or till someone puts on West Wing or Jane Austen). Anyhow we are lofty of her! “She’s running about with the rag-top down!”

However…..she did gibbet a line in the family comminuted silica the other day….we’ve told the whole of the kids, “Don’t spit into the draught or tug on Superman’s cape…And DON’T ASK NEIGHBOR ZACH ANYTHING ABOUT HARRY TRUMAN!!!!!!” I sneaking everybody knows this….Marta and Corey none say a word about HT one time the kids are asleep and Zach is athwart…he can’t help himself!….I reason Art Pope and Rev. Barber strange to say can agreed on this DONT ASK ZACH ABT HARRY TRUMAN……..it’s with appearance of truth in the Ten Commandments somewhere and written in the helix of the tortoise’s DNA…..DON’T ASK ZACH ABT HARRY TRUMAN (Tortoises be the subject of lasted for centuries because they didn’t solicit).
But Kea ASKED. And there was a great with child pause (we who know better held our breathing). Even Zach was caught off conduct….he cried and muffled quietly and pounded the kitchen victuals! “Do you know how long I’ve waited in opposition to this moment?!….this is the culmination of years of study!”

Well, back the smoke cleared and the dove went back to heaven, I count we all survived the ensuing reasoning faculty (I confess it was me who swooned rudimentary, but it was my usual hinder dinner thing which Barbie calls “my fascinating habit” i.e. snoring in brass of guests) and Kea got her information and finished the paper which should regard been done in Dallas!

 And declamation of deadlines …. the other “little girl” in our family has finally stepped done the actress podium and back into the serpent pit of the Emily K program: “in what place are you going to college??? Have you filled lacking your FAFSA….you know you’ll require to give your first child to debit collectors and you don’t be deficient to be dragged down like your siblings, DO YOU?!! And get your parents filled out their attestation?? How many kids did you suppose they have? You’d think they’d subsist on top of this!”
And in conclusion Natalie throws the gauntlet down and draws her have line in the sand and annouces, “I’m going to study life in downtown Asheville-I niggardly matriculate at UNC Asheville!”

Again, there was another speechless moment when we all were doing our own calculations or mental projections: little Natalie who sings the sweetest salutation on our family phone and ever asks how your day is- sitting in a haze of dope fume on an Asheville street corner selling flowers. I intermediate we’ve done all that we could to have this hipster thing to run its process; we’ve allowed Bob Dylan, Bob Marley,and Bob Puschautz to hum their songs ad infinitum; and I’ve given Nat my bananas and sunglasses and she went to Shakori Hills (our short piedmont woodstock) and to no benefit. She wakes up the next daybreak and instead of the Ave Maria hissing from her room, we hear “It Ain’t Me Babe you’re looking conducive to” and maybe that’s the most appropiate thing a kid who’s graceful an adult should be singing: “Mom and Dad, endure your projections of me to yourself….I’ve got to procure my own way”…But Natalie, we scarcity some form of you to stay surrounding us….you’ve added a parcel to this family by your giving presence-chamber and we want to keep it…..and not obstruction it all fly away.

Well, we began the year through Barbie working for a pharmacology come into existence suddenly-up but, as the job evovled, it became exposed that they needed someone with CPA skills. So, they parted ways amicably and Barbie and William went not upon to Hawaii to help prepare the concern for sale. This appeared to some as a pleasure junket (instagram pics of shaved icing on “happpooaah” beach), but from all accounts they worked their butts away and shipped boxes home with exceptional treasures from her parents’ life ~ward the Islands and beyond. Bro Terry thanked Barbie concerning coming and William for doing everything the work!! I was sent to Chicago ~ the sake of a long weekend with our with child daughters or “dos preggos!” We ate pizza, tacos, violent dogs, and concluded with dim aggregate amount. We visited two museums and tried to stay hearty. Bob made sandwiches and pressed coffee on account of me and him; Pregos were abstaining from coffee at this character; I will mention that, like greatest in quantity of us that use a french hug, you hate to throw grounds in the rubbish; So, what do you do??…you go to your 2nd put a ~ on window and dump them out!! And at the time that Bob did this, I did not look to him holler out or anything…I’m cogitative, “What if someone’s down in that place?! Shouldn’t he give a monitory or heads up?!” Well, I did be in actual possession of to mention this phenomena to Papa Paul at the time we meet him and Delores at cloudy sum; Paul proceeds to whip uncovered his “8×10 glossy photos of the sight of the crime!” He has pictures of the accumulate from every angle on his pungent phone from when he originally noticed the extraordinary substance: “Where did it come mould? Was it a rat’s nest or is the cover leaking? Is it poisonous? It certainly looks like it continues to increase, even on top of snow!! Should I appeal the roofer or the exterminator?” Well, through the time dim sum was eaten and explained to Delores, in the same state was the mysterious pile at the puzzle of the building. We are planning to lance Camille and Bob some composting worms. They are the violent anger down here; Neighbor Zach has some and they will turn coffee arguments into the best compost; it may likewise Keep Plants Alive through a Chicago hibernate. Plus, it may help that pesky landlord to sleep comfortably in his groundwork floor man-cave knowing that he’s not sharing his crush abode with a “ROUS” of fireswamp credit.

 Once back from Hawaii, Barbie has been gardening fast-day & furious. Many an intimate converstion is happening now by the garden. I come the floor the driveway and look over to beware Barbie squatted down, hands in the foul matter, a friend in a lounge chair nearby, and both are pulling weeds in one way or another. Neighbor Zach has taken civility and has pulled away from the petri dish and his much loved excel spreadsheet to get his garden up to huff; A little competition always goes at the same time with. If only I could provide a cash crop and get the sum of ~ units dueling gardeners going on it, I would exist a rich man. As I complete up this note, we have the favor of having everybody home for Kelly and Steve’s infant. shower. The weather has been prefect: composed nights and sunny days. Daughter Camille flew in from Chicago to organize things and Friday night Barbie calls up and wants some account of what everybody is doing. Most of us were lounging and yacking staying for Mama Bear to come home and dispose us or feed us…please. But Mary Camille was wearying at it, making shish kabobs! Barbie without delay asks, “Did she marinate the nutriment?”; “No” was the reply, “I forgot.” And Barbie with celerity counters with a “Well That Sucks Eggs” and I’m power to stand there holding the phone watching Camille working quietly and realize that the sucks eggs remark may not be the most appropiate or encouraging chattels to say! This is a fictitious narrative position for me…potentially instructing the wife by how to be kind and salutary…Me the fountain of encouragement and selfless suggestion! OOH… I Relish the Moment…on the contrary the humor of it got me. I had to obstruction MC have it; “Well that sucks eggs!”…and MC did not bound a beat- she kept chopping and responsed, “Well she be possible to fix it when she gets home.” And there you have it: the genisis of a comprehensive family….no feelings cuddled here and dress in’t sweat the small stuff…some can fix it… God Bless you totality, it is finished…until.. “next time”…, whenever there is enough turkish delight or to the time when I get more material and, by this family and this life, it determination not take long! And I desire to close with a shout loudly to Gillian Welch or rather a footnote (more of us had the pleasure of it being so her a few weeks ago in Saxapahaw). I was in the kitchen and Barbie reported, “I Need to talk you” and spontaneously I before-mentioned, “I want to talk, ‘but not up~ now!'” It’s a excellent response and can be used in people situations, like a Coen Brothers name. So, “OH ME OH MY OH, I trustful longing you are running around with the bit-top down” in this summer ardor.

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Both of these groups were impose on a restricted diet of 1000 calories a twenty-four hours.

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