Second Thoughts on a Sexual Revolution

Sit-coms, hip-hop records, television advertisements, magazine covers, “verity shows,” late night cable programming, entirely the fawning attention paid to that unclothed fat woman from HBO’s “Girls,” unalloyed departments of modern academia, along with the rest of our culture, including the other up-to-date churches, all outlaw an age of unfettered sexual freedom and endless bacchanal and infernal dissension over the proper terminology and protocol to reach it all go smoothly. People who used to throw light upon themselves to strangers in terms of their business or denominational affiliation or number of children a little while ago identify themselves by their sexual estimation or “gender identity,” ~ one sexual predilection, no matter how arcane or disconcerting to natural sensibilities, now has a web seat and a lobbying group and “community” of like-minded mob to provide encouragement, and the Roe v. Wade decision and an Obamacare law that mandates contraception and abortifacient coverage instead of everyone from nuns to Baptist businessmen and a consecrated wafer of other public policies make it total official, and anybody who admits any discomfort with this state of pecuniary relations is routinely dismissed from polite chat as a blue-nosed puritan.

So in great part as we can glean from the snippets of loud conversation we involuntarily overhear from the fashionably rude fellows and their tattooed but otherwise comely young women companions in the next booth at a coffeehouse where we drink beer and grouse about foreign policy and economics and baseball with a gray-haired pal of ours, and from the often tragic gossip we can’t keep aloof from despite our best efforts in our seldom occurring social encounters elsewhere, as well because the conspicuous lack of non-public and non-sports conversation we part with our gray-haired friend, it doesn’t appear to be to be working out very well ~ the sake of anyone. As we read the word, with agedly skeptical eyes unaffected through modern pharmacology and largely immune to the blandishments of Madison Avenue, we attain to further confirmation that no one in a puzzle there seems genuinely satisfied with the spot.

That campus “culture of rape” that the young woman through the mattress and the Senator from California and the editorialists at the self-conceited papers and the rest of the feminist domestic arrangements are so worried about doesn’t pretend to be so much an general of college boys forcing themselves with brute strength onto unwilling young innocents in the same proportion that it is a widespread regret through the consensual albeit slightly reluctant “grass~-up” encounters that have become such common since universities stopped being in loco parentis and started subsistence simply loco….

Nor do we put confidence in that the former Bruce Jenner disposition likely find genuine satisfaction by having his penis and testes amputated, no matter how comely he might be in sight through the miracles of Vanity Fair’s photographic and invent-up and air-brushing experts. That’s not proper our admittedly uniformed opinion, as level a doctor at Johns Hopkins University, which was once the first hospital in America to execute “sex-change operations,” argues that the proceeding doesn’t really change a person’s sex, tends to originate in a suicide rate 20 ages that of the general population, and is ~t one longer done at his institution as some patients’ claims to be “‘satisfied’ however ‘still troubled’” are “some inadequate reason for surgically amputating natural organs.” The social consensus seems to exist otherwise, what with the all-potent ESPN sports network awarding the preceding Bruce Jenner its “Arthur Ashe Courage Award” in preference than to an Iraq War old campaigner who became a successful athlete and “Dancing up~ the Stars” competitor despite the double amputations he endured from his work to his country, but we don’t mean that will work, either.

All that blather respecting people basing their self-esteem and individual identities on their sexual predilections seems equally ineffectual, as a person’s occupation and numbers of children and denominational affiliation testament ultimately have more important social consequences, and tiny of the rest of it makes somewhat sense from our admittedly straight pure Christian Republican conservative perspective here in the intervening of America. Straight white male Christian Republican conservatives in the midst of America that we are, in addition the years we’ve had a equal in ~ of dear friends who were homosexual or androgynous or something for which we’re not level sure what the currently polite nomenclature would be, but all had praiseworthy attributes we found in common that seemed entirely unrelated to either their sexuality or ours. They seemed to catch something in common with us during the time that well, and some valuable friendships accept resulted, so we are inclined to credit that social interactions are best conducted steady such terms. By now we are inured to level the most lurid tales of heterosexual and homosexual and bisexual and whatever your might call it air, and you don’t even want to couch your back alley encounter in terms of “love,” considered in the state of the homosexual lobby and broader sexual independence movement routinely does, but we can’t remedy noticing that the tellers of these tales in no degree sound genuinely satisfied, and that the fulfillment of their overwhelming sexual desires has get to at the expense of some worthy of notice measure of dignity, dispassionate analysis, used by all sense, simple courtesy, and other higher impulses of the human source of action. This surely marks us as melancholy-nosed puritans, but we suppose we’ll fit have to declare that an oppressed identity and evoke a web site and hire more lobbyists and find a community of like-minded individuals to further such anti-social tendencies.

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