Stoneburgh Spy Campus (Pt. 3): Religio-politico-criminalistics in Profiling MI6’s Predestined Mole

‘Joseph Stalin qualified by study for the priesthood,’ remarked Professor Weisse (Stoneburgh Military Academy’s lecturer up~ politico-criminalistics), ‘likewise, MI6 double force George Blake wanted to be a priest, and, not so incidentally, the Soviet search out Anthony Blunt was the grandson of some Anglican bishop . . . examples that should jog the memory of us that, when evaluating such zealots in slavery to Communism, the dividing line between a political ideologue and a strict idealist can be blurred, especially when their New Testament insists they should sell their possessions and divide them mixed their poorer brethren, according to need. (Acts 2:45.)
      ‘Marx, like you know, said much the corresponding; of like kind thing: From each according to his strength, to each according to his ~iness.’
      But, in my acknowledge view, that is NOT the real thrust of the professor’s lecture on Elective Betrayal: Predestination in the Sociopathic Personality, seeing that I believe that in his shifting off to discuss a number of psychopathic personalities from fresh newspaper headlines — thematically-linked by murder — Weisse was mounting a logical case for a more intense observation of those Intelligence personnel warranting enhanced security vetting, with a dutiful concern to become identical signs of an active muscular religiosity cabalistic beneath the secret agent’s plea of cool reason.

The Embodiment of Composite Predictive Investigative Psychology: 
Composite portraiture ~ means of Francis Galton, made from 
multiple-exposure photographs of violent criminals. 

     By good fortune, I took at the time abundant precise notes of Prof. Weisse’s lecturing so the following text is, I confident, a faithful transcription of his thoughts. And, ago it was a public discourse, I consequently do not accept I am in break of the presumption of confidentiality or of ~ized privilege in regard to any intelligence disclosed.

Three Murderers Hanging from a Single Thread.

[Prof. Weisse continues . . . ] In the Intelligence services, Composite Predictive Investigative Psychology (CPIP) teaches us to to apply the mind for behavioural patterns in certain classifications of dysfunctionality likewise we can better determine our calculus of the characteristics of a imagine guilt. For example, the instructive crime archetype that emerges from study of the following cases – whose distinct commonality in sharing a CPIP profile has passed unremarked ~ means of forensic criminologists practising outside our possess specialist field – can alert us to rascal agents suborned and bribed by adventitious powers; agents compromised by fatal inherited weaknesses of outermost ideological beliefs that can remain undiscovered, likewise at the highest levels of defence clearance.
       It was Sir Francis Galton FRS who in the ~ly 19th Century introduced us to the technique of  ‘Composite Portraiture of Criminal Types’ through combining, through repeated exposure, photographs of frequent unrelated violent felons to produce a alone blended image of the criminal paragon . . . a rudimentary, but effective, early analytical procedure we now regard as the embodiment of our CPIP methodology. 
      Composite Portraiture of Criminality? Composite Predictive Investigative Psychology? The doubters in the midst of you are correct in your demands in opposition to hard evidence of the theory in pursuit, although I am obviously prevented ~ means of confidentiality constraints from citing cases identified in the reach the Service.
      And in such a manner I must refer you, correspondingly, to instances construct in a number of true crimes of late decades . . . for the connexions I prove to be the same here are profoundly disturbing should we make manifest this sinister behavioural pattern replicated in the personnel files of serving operatives . . .

1982 An ‘Angel of Death.’ A 46-year-of advanced age drifter from Aberdeen, Scotland, stalked a Hollywood film star, then, in broad daylight outer her home, stabbed her in the trunk ten times with a 14 cm knife, well-nigh killing her. The perpetrator believed that he was forward a divine ‘mission’ to slay the actress and take her ‘through [him] to the hearafter [sic], the more fit life, God’s kingdom.’ He served toward 14 years in prison for the charge. He was then extradited to the UK in 1996 to exist tried for a 1966 robbery/murder. The accused, who saw himself because ‘the benevolent angel of death’, was institute not guilty by diminished responsibility in 1997 and committed to a British psychiatric hospital, where he died of heart failure in 2004 at verge of life 68.

2000 Loner Kills ‘Friend in favor of Afterlife’. An Edinburgh-born literary institution lecturer who battered a Cambridge mark with degrees to death with a rolling trifle because he wanted a ‘confidant in the afterlife’ was convicted of the homicide of his victim. The lecturer, who related he had never had a girlfriend and was quiescent a virgin, told  the court: ‘I didn’t shortness to be alone in the afterlife. I didn’t fail to be alone . . . I thought I could be favored with a positive relationship with [the victim] in the afterlife.’ He claimed he attempted to confide suicide by taking a drug overdose and slashing his wrists. He did not die excepting went on the run and was arrested 12 days later.

2001 Killer Wedded ‘Forever in Heaven’. A tutor, originally from Oban, Strathclyde, shot dead a 19-year-antiquated Italian schoolgirl who had spurned him, control turning the gun on himself closely allied Turin. He shot her three general condition of affairs in the back and twice in the be aimed. He then leant against the back of her car, and marksman himself in the mouth. In his self-murder note to the schoolgirl’s female parent, he stated that he was going to kill her daughter, and himself, because she was ‘leaving him forever’. Once dead, the brace would remain ‘joined together evermore in heaven’.

George Blake: The Confessions of a Justified Sinner.

[Prof. Weisse continues . . . ]  You claim: The common factors in these three cases?       
       (1) The killers are of Scottish root; (2) Their victims were intended to the degree that Companions-in-Death in the Afterlife; (3) That these killers trusted they were to have ~ing spared divine punishment for this long sin suggests they also possessed a vestigial sagacity (or more) of the singularity of Calvinistic foreordinanation, a belief not wholly dispelled in the reach the Scottish Presbyterian tradition that holds to the scientific statement of the facts of religion of John Calvin.
       The purely Scottish notion of a ‘fey’ lay aside of mind applies, I believe, to the three murderers cited, insofar as the veil that separates this globe from the next was to be effectively breached, by their reckoning, at the time that they attempted to drag their elected companions-in-end of life with them through the celestial entrance. 
       This inevitableness in the triumph of mortality in addition death is shared by a number of Scottish Calvinist-inclined sects who cling to a belief in the Calvinistic Elect, the Chosen Ones singled off for Salvation. Similarly, it was this limited belief that sustained the murderous modus operandi of George Blake, master discern for the Soviets and a Colonel of Foreign Intelligence in their recondite service. 
      By Blake’s treachery it’s believed more than forty British agents in the field met their deaths, their names exposed in reports to his Russian masters. His decision totalling 42 years imprisonment for espionage is declared to reflect his remorseless betrayal of agents executed ~ dint of. the Stasi or the KGB.
      The epithet of this lecture is Elective Betrayal: Predestination in the Sociopathic Personality, and my intention is to show that the gross offence pattern of the three Scottish murderers can be seen to resemble that of George Blake who, like them, sought release through casuistry rooted in an apologist’s atavistic Calvinism. 
      Far fetched? 
      In his nonage in Amsterdam, Blake wanted to have existence a priest in the strict Calvinist Church of the laboring class of the Netherlands. He came to believe that freewill is an illusion; that everything is preordained and sins themselves are share of God’s will. In a substantial sense he believed in the Judas Paradox.

In the pious system to which I adhered [wrote Blake, confined at Wormwood Scrubs bridewell] the doctrine of predestination occupied a central position and I had given this doctrine much thought. I had no dead-lock in accepting it as it fitted in completely by my concept of God the Creator of Heaven and Earth, All-vigorous, All-knowing, the King of the Universe, outside of whom not one sparrow falls to the ground and by whom the very hairs of our rise are numbered (Matthew 10- 29, 30). There was no room in this system for so a thing as casualty or chance and, even less, freewill on the ~y of a human being . . . I put faith in our reaction to events is furthermore predestined . . . Fatalism is not sitting back and accepting which has occurred. It is also the impulses what one. force you to act in a distinctive way. That is why I convinced it is justified for someone to say, ‘You cannot punish me during my sins because my sins were put inside me and are not my frailty.’ In 1961, Blake escaped from Wormwood Scrubs jail in 1966 and fled to the USSR.

I.n.t.C.l.e.a.r. Revisited.

[Prof. Weisse continues . . . ]  In Intelligence parsing of potential operatives, the success of hidden HumInt operations depends on psychometric turn studies of the highest accuracy. The integrity of agents is determined by the Service’s established I.n.t.C.l.e.a.r. Intelligence Clearance criteria in favor of operatives, a finely calibrated values scaling defined through the mnemonic, Ideology, Numeracy, Training, Culture, Languages, Experience, Adaptability, and Resourcefulness.
      Quite evidently, in the en~ of George Blake, the matrix descriptors Ideology and Culture escaped the snare.
      It is my belief that deeply embedded ideology from a subject’s plastic years can be awakened (or, in today’s stipulations, ‘radicalised’) by the excessively real hostile intent of enemy powers, thus the greatest vigilance must be maintained to prove to be identical telltale signs or detect unguarded disclosures.
      Interestingly, according to undivided member of our consulting board of criminologists (a Highland Scot), Calvinistic Predestination is to be regarded as the Scottish ‘Super Ego’ (malignity the fact that the total male membership of the Free Presbyterian Church fourth book of the pentateuch; census of the hebrews probably less than a hundred followers of scholastic Calvinism). However, his opinion is countered by another Scottish consulting member of our Intelligence meals, a Medico-Legal Expert Witness and Consultant Psychiatrist accredited ~ dint of. the Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland. He states: ‘Very scarcely any Scottish people are Calvinists now – I  would misgiving if it is 1 percent. Even in Scottish Presbyterian churches exceedingly few would claim to be Calvinists. The Justified Sinner of James Hogg does not continue now in Scotland as Calvinism is a little while ago dead here. I doubt if it did live.’ 
      And nevertheless, and yet . . . is not the ‘Scottish Super Ego’ a telling phrase for residual Calvinistic belief? Conversely, according to our Scottish consultants, the ‘Scottish Id’ is represented by a given to intoxication philanderer, the Robert Burns of Burns Night (one occasion some believe to be a Dionysian travesty of a Presbyterian Communion Service).  
      Whatever you may conclude, in of that kind notorious cases of pitiless betrayal – disregarding of whether the sociopathic narcissist is a continuous murderer or an enemy double actor – without doubt it is the Super Ego that takes charge of the deviant exercise of the will of the criminal, lured ~ the agency of the idealisation of his double upright standard.

Do what thou wilt.

[Prof. Weisse concludes . . . ]  I be under the necessity chosen the case of the insurgent George Blake to illustrate my dictum, but if you examine carefully our CPIP class of ‘Justified Sinner’ you desire see the classification also embraces a grossly contrary to law such as serial murderer John George Haigh, a convicted fraudster and suspected periodical killer John Bodkin Adams, and an occultist and soi-disant secret doer for the British intelligence services Aleister Crowley. . . the commonality of the last mentioned three evidenced by their childhoods then raised within ultra-religious fundamentalist families acolyte to the Plymouth Brethren whose founder’s central doctrine was belief in ‘predestination’ for example the ‘eternal purpose of God’, a assured belief that insisted only ‘God’s Elect’ should believe salvation because the Elect are ‘freely justified’.
      As the Great Tempter asserts in The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner by James Hogg: ‘. . . is [there] not enough of merit in [the Saviour’s]  eminent atonement to annihilate all your sins, impediment them be as heinous and infernal as they may? And, moreover, conclude you not acknowledge that God hath pre-ordained and decreed whatever comes to pass? Then, how is it that you should opine it in your power to flee from one action of your life, whether sterling or evil? . . . none of us knows which is pre-ordained, but whatever it is pre-ordained we be necessitated to do, and none of these things choose be laid to our charge.’
      In other talk, as Aleister Crowley has it: ‘Do the kind of thou wilt shall be the unimpaired of the Law.’ Because, seemingly, the Instrument of Divine Retribution makes exceptions with regard to the fireproof brethren of God’s Elect, fair if you’re a treacherous British view branded a double agent with passion on your hands working for the Soviet Union.

          John George Haigh                                   George Blake               
Betrayers of Trust: Predestined ‘Justified’ Sociopaths?    

So ay. Despite the Scottish nay-sayers forward Stoneburgh’s consulting board of criminologists, a Calvinist Justified Sinner, di~atory ideologically unassailable, actually continues to last.
      Today, an impenitent George Blake, old 92, lives in Russia with ~t any regrets for his support of Communism, believing Communism was in quest of him the practical opportunity to express Christian values into practice: ‘Looking back in c~tinuance my life, everything seems logical and indigenous . . . I felt I was in c~tinuance the wrong side . . .  that it would have ~ing better for humanity if the Communist connected view prevailed . . .’
      Heedless of his lesemajesty, the nonagenarian Cold War warrior continues to treat of a redemptive utopia in the austerest provisions of Calvinistic righteousness: ‘The Communist filling our utmost conceptions is too high to achieve . . . and there can only be nominal adherents to it in the expiration. But I am optimistic, that in time, and it may take thousands of years, that human nature will come to the viewpoint that it would have existence better to live in a Communist association where people were really equal.’ 
      [End of select from Elective Betrayal: Predestination in the Sociopathic Personality by Professor Hans-Jürgen Weisse.]

Hidden in Plain View . . . a Comrade-in-Death.

Thoughtful Professor Weisse’s composition has merit: the Calvinist George Blake essentially affirms his fundamentalist assurance in the conflation of Communism and Christianity; that is, by relinquishing your possessions to join the pacific, who are deemed blessèd, you shall come into possession of as an heir the earth, for the meek are the whole of equal in the Redeemer, and the Lord is former of them all.

      But does this contemptible that, to accomplish this, one should rest about a course of treason in the information that betrayal of your comrades, and their resultant deaths, are to have existence considered the Elective Will of God and His Divine Plan of Predestination? 
      Are total those sacrificial victims of Blake’s lesemajesty considered by him to be his Companions-in-Death in the Afterlife?

From East Germany’s Stasi Files:
Evidence of George Blake’s Betrayal of the West.

     Did the double-dealing of Anthony Blunt, who unquestioningly present at hazard the lives of individual hundred and seventy-five thousand Allied servicemen by betraying the secret of the D-Day landings to his Soviet masters, come a similar course? For Blunt and his match leftwing bien pensants of the 1930s, in the irretrievable ideological battlefield of Communism versus Fascism, Marxism had get to be the new religion of the realpolitik, that fulfilled their callow Oedipal desire to slaughter God-the-Father, the Nobodaddy of Soviet gibe. 
      In my latest main division (A Bad Case, Salt 2014), I characterize an East German ‘sleeper cell’ in New York at the elevation of the Cold War that takes superior situation of the ideological camouflage afforded ~ the agency of a ‘God-fearing’ leafy cut to pieces of one of the Five Boroughs that ‘seemed to boast a ecclesiastical body on every street corner’.
Yet in not at all press account of the spy nest be under the necessity I seen recorded the reasons underlying the excellent of that neighborhood for the inspect ring’s ‘sleeper agents’. Even a little while ago, I continue to speculate on the ingenious of the ringleaders and their East German masters. It is my reliance they chose for their spy elementary corpuscle a neighborhood that was already shielded from closer study by a cultural stockade, defiant of the stratagem of federal intelligence bureaux whose chase of home-grown terrorism had led them to examine the other way. True then. True today. When national intelligence agencies ‘look the other way’, treasonous wile prospers in plain sight.
     Therefore, in the way that we may make assurance doubly unerring: ‘Hail Judas, Patron Saint of Traitors, conjure for us sinners, nunc, et in hora mortis nostrae.’

Catherine Eisner believes passionately in plat-driven suspense fiction, a devotion to of literature craft that draws on studies in psychoanalytical criminology and psychoactive pharmacology to pry into the dark side of motivation, and set fire to plot twists with unexpected outcomes. 

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