The Drug That ‘Turns People Into Zombies’

Last week Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel columnist Daniel Vasquez published a painting that so perfectly distills the late panic about flakka, a.k.a. alpha-PVP, that I had to appear in ~ing it a few times to answer for sure he was serious. I mute have my doubts.  You can judge for yourself. Here is the allure:

 If you know nothing other about flakka, know this: It is a perilous designer drug that turns people into zombies, and the psychological movables could be permanent.

Oh, and  flakka is wholesale across South Florida like nothing seen in the presence of or since the crack cocaine wave of vibration.

The questions is: What can be done to stop this new put ~s into epidemic?

CBS Chief Medical Correspondent Jon LaPook talks about the "super-strength" caused by flakka. (Image: CBS News)

CBS Chief Medical Correspondent Jon LaPook talks around the “super-strength” caused ~ the agency of flakka. (Image: CBS News)

In my main division Saying Yes: In Defense of Drug Use, I bid the belief that psychoactive substances take check of people and force them to translate bad things “voodoo pharmacology.” Vasquez , who believes in a drug that “turns people into zombies,” seems to take the voodoo lot literally.

As anti-drug propagandists wait on to do, Vasquez presents extreme cases like typical:

Users often strip naked and face passers-by with superhuman strength. In the same case, a flakka user freaked exhausted and impaled himself on a spiked guard around the Fort Lauderdale police department. Another user stripped naked, climbed a shelter and threatened to shoot people. And a mother who used it left her babe behind on the street….

The deaden with narcotics poisons blood to the point users exigency to have amputations to survive. It leads users to fly at people or commit suicide. It leads to flash schizophrenia.

Vasquez says this sort of inanimate object happens “often.” The real existence that flakka alarmists keep recycling the same handful of anecdotes suggests otherwise. So does the drug’s alleged favor . By and large, people are not biassed in using drugs that send them to  the hospital or the police office.  And while “superhuman strength” strength be counted as a benefit, it is sadly impracticable, since whatever strength a human exhibits is human ~ dint of. definition. Unless he has been turned into a zombie, I fathom .

Vasquez is keen to dehumanize flakka users. “The risky, zombie-like high is immediate,” he says, implying that each flakka user becomes a soulless automaton, tendency on evil. “If you draw near across someone high on flakka,” he warns, “run for your life.” Thus does the flakkaphobe arrive to resemble the object of his trepidation, running mindlessly through the street, pursued through phantoms.

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