The Good, the Bad, the Crazy – Part II

Is it feasible, after all the agony and excessive joy of the past ten months, that the leading year of medical school is athwart? It is difficult for me to digest the matter of fact that I am now 25% a doctor (I know, it’s odd, fair-minded hang in there with me). To maxim that this first year has been hard to be understood would be an understatement. Since after all the rest summer my wife has lost her natural and I have lost my endow or supply with a ~. Money is tight as I make trial to house and feed a race of six. We live in a same small home where quiet study play is at a premium. Since last August my classmates and I be in actual possession of passed 55 semester hours of platonic work (that’s equal to towards 2 years of college study) like well as countless additional hours of lab. We be seized of learned over 260 medications in basic pharmacology, closely examined entire textbooks (many of them numbering a 1000+ pages) and reviewed c~ing 19,300 slides (yes, I counted them. I was out of the way).  We have studied through 200 diseases and dissected an mere human body. Many of us have volunteered during afternoons and weekends beneficial to various activities to benefit the local community. Add to this the act that I’m now over $100,000 in debit and you begin to get ~y idea of the realities of medicinal school. This is definitely not for the weak of heart! There gain been times in the past year which time I wasn’t sure I would act it. I am so grateful to God, Who has faithfully seen me from one side, and my wife and children who possess offered nothing but support and encouragement.

Would I chouse it all again? You betcha. I knew future into this that it wouldn’t be easy. I knew that sacrifices would subsist needed. I remain convinced, though, that the ultimate goal – becoming an excellent physician – is well cost the struggle. I feel very honored and beatified to be able to go through this experience and I know that DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine, is formation me an excellent physician.

For now, I’m not going back to the books. It’s summer bankrupt. I think I’ll sleep in tomorrow.  🙂

Some of our studies for the time of this first year.

With a chance of varieties and additionally types, of pills they frequently don’t work with everyone, given that they regard distinct ingredients, as well as patients comprehend different reactions for many years.

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