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What must seem remarkable to you is our ability to vary mass as well as shape, enabling me to get to be a single cell, or a immense composite being, like for example ~y elephant or a blue whale. Believe me while I say I have many times shape-shifted to bigger animals than these, on countless other worlds.
It did occur to me that I take the ability to become a choose cell within a body too, giving me and others like me, the skill to help many bodily systems and eradicate invaders, as do your leukocytes or snowy blood cells, thereby helping immunity. My superiors forward Tirralia would rather I left this well alone though as they feel that this is in addition much like ‘playing God’ and would only authorise this kind of intervention in same special circumstances.
It seems that pharmacology is doing well forward your planet at this time. Medicine is swamped ~ the agency of new wonder drugs. I just chance of a favorable result that, contraindications and sideeffects of these chemicals are carefully explained and that patients are closely monitored whilst anger them, especially as the Health Service is underfunded, and guide-staff numbers are reduced.
It seems to me that these vast companies have far too much authority in the modern world, mainly directly to colossal amounts of money changing hands. My moving is that there are many effectual natural ways of combating disease merit considering first. that will put patients at farther less risk from complications.

While I am in this place I will do my best to succor whoever and wherever I can, yet I have to remember that I am calm responsible to my superiors and in the end to The Creator!
Narna Narnoo

Bok, Biscuit, signing not on

‘Learn to listen to your have a title to mind and body and listen not so much to those, who have dubious fixed interests!’

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