The Link between Cannabis and Breast Milk

Babies through their pacifiers and munchies after marijuana may contribute hand in hand. Cannabis and breast milk one as well as the other effect the endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids befriend the body in creating a immutable internal environment. The cannabinoids in conscience milk provide health benefits that succor babies grow and thrive.

A human ~nate at 14 weeks of gestation starts forming cannabinoid receptors. By twenty weeks, the receptors become greater at a rapid rate and set off to function. Research suggests that the betimes formation helps to mature the easily agitated system.(Source)

The 2004 European Journal of Pharmacology quantifying pronoun stated that “endocannabinoids have been detected in motherly milk and activation of CB1 (cannabinoid receptor proto~ 1) receptors appears to be exact for milk sucking.”(Source) The lust to suck is integral to the life-affirming require for nourishment.

Some of the corresponding; of like kind active cannabinoids found in marijuana are in arrogant concentration in breast milk. The endocannabinoid combination of parts to form a whole boosts immunity, reduces inflammation, relieves distress, and increases appetite by regulating the mental systems of the body.


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