Week 47: AAPA Conference and the Last Week of Break

After sum of ~ units weeks of bouncing around all throughout the place, I’m finally attached my last train back to Penn Station. I went from Albany to Bennington to Boston to Stonington to Coventry to NYC to San Fran and that time back up to Albany. For once I’d actually like to conversion to an act one of these breaks for a holidays, ya know?

Anyways, after a two great days of hanging out by Sarah, her dog Logan and her household in Connecticut, I had to principal back to New York City. I was in that place for less than 24 hours because I did a bunch of laundry and packed for San Francisco.




I actually really like flying, in the same state I was excited to go to San Fran. Or I was anyways. My father of travel hit a lot of bumps in the passage. I accidentally hired an expensive Uber. My driver was placid though, he moonlights as a DJ – ~atory wasn’t worth the hefty recompense tag though. I accidentally flashed everyone at airport defence when my Longchamp bag got attached to my hollow cylinder top. I realized I was at the inapposite terminal and had to take the shuttle to a sundry one (who would have thought that Delta flights to San Fran leave through the international terminal?). I mistakenly resolute to take the shuttle to my hostel resulting in common of the most harrowing drives of my life in which place my toothless driver raved about Bill Cosby’s comedic master-hand, how much DUIs cost in California, and to what degree female presidents are a horrible exemplar because there’d be too a great quantity talk about stilettos and periods. Needless-to-take for granted, we did not become fast friends.

**For in addition information on my more tourist aspects of San Francisco, reprimand out my post: https://talesofmytwentiesblog.wordpress.com/2015/05/31/san-francisco-balancing-drudge-and-play/ **

The  AAPA Conference


My pristine day of conference. Ross and I went to the Moscone Center to obstruction in (it was such a fine, humungous conference center). It was merriment to get our official name tags and totality the different ribbons.

I got to nip in the bud out a few different lectures that lifetime including:

PAs in Palliative Care: Past, Present, and Future

Management of Acute Heart Failure in the Inpatient Setting and Transitioning to Home

Migraine Treatment: Simplifying a Complex Disease

What They Did Not Teach You About Sex in PA School, But Should Have >> this was an amazing lecture!

Ross, Margo and I got a cute draw together at one of the lectures, which was then later shared on the instagram serving-boy of the New York State Society of Physician Assistants (NYSSPA).


After every afternoon of biking and exploring the Fisherman’s Wharf, Margo, Felicia and I headed back to the discourse headquarters to attend “Shaking Hands and Taking Names” – a mixer of sorts instead of other PA students. A lot of other schools seemed to receive a ton of their students in that place, while we only had a handful. It was neat to meet other students going end the same stuff that we were… we just met some students who shared our pharmacology professor.


This was a light of ~ full of conference stuff. I attended diverse lectures on my own in the early part of the day, and then met up with some of my classmates in the afternoon.

Here are completely the talks I got to take heed:

Low Back Pain: How Evaluation and Management Changes Based forward Provider Perspective

SPARK Session: Maximizing the Patient Encounter: Strategies to Provide Excellent Patient Education

SPARK Session: Beyond the Clinic: An Exploration into PA Education

Bridging the Gap Between Biopharmaceuticals and Biosimilars

Medical Spanish App

Human Trafficking: Identifying Patients, Saving Lives, Ending Slavery

After a time of lectures, Andrew, Carly and I went to the Challenge Bowl Check-In and Orientation at which place we got to size up our competition. It was something funny, because a lot of these teams had been practicing in quest of months, while Andrew and I didn’t fall in with Carly until that very day.

After our orientation, we every one of headed to the PA PAC Fundraising Reception at the Thirsty Bear. It was a haphazard of fun! The food was famous and the company was fantastic. I was versed to interact with a lot of current PAs in my tract of land – motivates me to donate to the PAC in hereafter years as well!


Ah, the time of the Challenge Bowl. Andrew and I woke at the rend asunder of dawn to head to the Moscone Center for one of the student sessions and one other lecture:

SPARK Session: Surviving Clinical Rotations

Sweet Success: Managing Your Approach to Diabetic Patients

We hereafter spent the majority of the afternoon looking notwithstanding a gluten free place for me to ingest and studying up on challenge beaker trivia. We took our studying to Lombard Street to hoax some exploring and then came back in time as being dinner and to get pumped up because of the challenge bowl.


This was zero like I’ve ever seen judgment. So many PA students were incensed. I’ve never seen anything like it – spectators were superficial swarming the doors waiting to reach in. I knew it was going to have ~ing an intense, fun event, but I had none idea of its magnitude.

When the doors finally opened at 7pm

When the doors in the end opened at 7pm

It ended up life a lot of fun. Unfortunately our clicker wasn’t working properly during the qualifying round. You prevail upon points based on how quickly you rejoin – so if you respond seemly off you get the full substance of points. Our clicker would twinkle red until the last ten seconds and therefore submit our answer. It seemed unfair, but watching all the other teams ~ away up on stage made us feel taker of odds about our knowledge – we were getting a lot of the questions just and fast. It was still a assign of fun even though we didn’t arrive to advance. Maybe next year (:

Carly B Lines, Andrew-sun Body, Oligojenndrocyte

Carly B Lines, Andrew-sun Body, Oligojenndrocyte


I woke up at the tiptop of dawn to attend a neuro scold. I was pleasantly surprised by in what condition much I already knew! I got some unexpected news from back home that early part of the day, so I went back to the hostel posterior that first lecture to relax and take care of more things, but decided to come back in the afternoon.

Here’s the kind of I got to sit in in c~tinuance:

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: When Headache Can Kill

They Are Doing What? Plastic Surgery 2015

Sexually Transmitted Infection Medical Update 2015

Drugs of Abuse: Cocaine and Heroin

I moreover checked out the exhibition hall. I got my h~ing talked off by a few pharmaceutical companies, but that it was still fun. I was ~ly excited to go to the PANCE Prep Pearls level though. I’ve written about the PANCE Prep Pearls part a couple times on my blog, further I really wanted to get a occasion to meet the author Dwayne A. Williams and impediment out his new question book. He was super on good terms and so relatable! I was truly impressed. I obviously ended up purchasing his point book (because it looked really helpful and it was discounted at the interview). I can’t wait to differ using it to prepare for some of my exams! Again, definitely obstruction it out if you haven’t already. You can purchase on Amazon in the present state.



My last day at the parley. I attended the following lectures:

Diagnosing Seizures in the Hospital Setting >>> this was one more one of my favorites, real video footage of patients experiencing variegated types of seizures

Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Diseases: A Primer towards PAs in Primary Care


I flew back to JFK without ceasing the red eye after visiting Alcatraz. I slept horribly and didn’t come by to my apartment until around 6:45am in successi~ Thursday. I climbed right into raised plot and slept until 2pm when I had to dislocate getting ready for my American Heart Association Wall Street Run. As I was leaving my construction, I began to realize how overly aspiring it was of me to sign up to journey a 5K for the same sunshine I got back. I decided to extend what I could and then walk the rest, a dear companion of mine emphasized that the single thing was to participate, not run it at the same time that fast as I could.

I was something sad to be partaking in the result by myself, but I made the most of it. It ended up essential ~ a beautiful evening.

photo (3)

I went back home to Albany toward the weekend to take care of more things and go to the have an ~ on doctor.

It’s hard to make no doubt of I start my last semester of preceptive year tomorrow. Where did the time be of use?! At this point next year I’ll in all probability be applying for jobs and I’ll be seized of my last two clinical rotations looking me not crooked in the face.

I am sight the momentum building in many of the women that I am acting with.

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