2015 EACPT Scientific Award and Joint EACPT-EPHAR Translational Pharmacology Awards

The 12th biennial Congress of the European Association with respect to Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (http://eacpt.eu) was held in Madrid from 27th to 30th June 2015. Over 500 abstracts were accepted from 66 countries and from tot~y 5 continents for presentation as e-posters and parole presentations. The 54 oral presentations were eligible for awards for best talks. The 2015 EACPT Scientific Award and Joint EACPT-EPHAR Translational Pharmacology Awards were presented at the extreme point of June at the EACPT Congress in Madrid.

Listen to these 2015 EACPT Award winners discussing the scrutiny which led to their awards.

EACPT Scientific Award was conferred adhering UK Scientist Professor Nicholas Bateman with regard to work on treating paracetamol overdose. The EACPT Scientific Award, which includes a prize of 2000€, was presented to Professor Bateman at the 12th EACPT Congress in Madrid in June 2015. 

The inaugural EACPT-EPHAR Young Investigator Awards in Translational Pharmacology bring forth been conferred on PhD student Christoph Schneider from Bern in Switzerland and Dr Daniel Antoine from Liverpool in the UK.

Donald Singer (EACPT EC), Nicholas Bateman and Tabassome Simon (EACPT Chair)

Professor Bateman’s scrutiny, which was published in the international medical journal The Lancet, involved a clinical experiment comparing a new regimen to treat paracetamol poisoning with the current one (which has been used for athwart 40 years). It is the before anything else large-scale, properly powered and randomised controlled clinical trouble conducted in paracetamol poisoning, a challenging environment in opposition to trial work. 

The Federation of European Pharmacology Societies (EPHAR) and the European

Thomas Griesbacher (EPHAR President), Christoph Schneider, Dr Daniel Antoine, Tabassome Simon (EACPT Chair)

Association with regard to Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (EACPT) developed the exceeding Young Investigator joint initiative to recognise projects of superiority in translational research in pharmacology. 2 awards of EUR 1,000 harvested land were given EACPT Congress in Madrid to Christoph Schneider and Dr Daniel Antoine for their recent outstanding research papers. 

Requirements as far as concerns the EACPT-EPHAR Young Investigator Awards in Translational Pharmacology are that applicants ~iness be not more than 35 years of time of life on the deadline date, have similar to first author published an outstanding bills of exchange in the 2 years prior to the Awards, bear conducted the submitted study in each institution of a country member of EACPT and/or EPHAR; and have existence a member of one of the portion societies of EPHAR or EACPT, or have existence an individual associate member of EACPT.

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