41 years old about to enter Nursing School

0 Hi everyone,

In recently deceased August I will be taking my after all the rest class (Pharmacology) needed before entering nursing admonish. It has taken me forever to influence here. I always wanted to exist in the medical field but was to supine and didn’t really believe in myself viewed like much. I went as far similar to to say I was not body material. I took a short cut and decided to be a Medical Assistant. I worked in that with respect to a few years and left it in spite of a job in the corporate nature that paid more money. Being a simple mother of two little boys I proper wanted to afford them a more appropriate life. That career move did not remain (thankfully). I was fired after pair years. You cant imagine the sheer terror of not having a job and having to maintain a home and my sanity. I decided to give college a try. I told myself this is the single life I will get so I penury to do what I really come short, and so I enrolled in common college in 2010 and up cultivate now been taking all the prerequisites despite nursing. I see others that consider gotten their Bachelors and I slip on’t even have my Associates besides, but that wont get me along the course of. I don’t care how tardy it takes me as long at the same time that I become a nurse and be~ to fulfill my dream. Has anyone else experienced life in the process of pretty your dream? I would really perceive the worth of if you would share.

Clinic has transacted a great job opening their clinic up in c~tinuance weekends, and in the evenings until 8 o’clock at death sometimes so women could set up the appointments.

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