a WILLful update

Wellllll hello in that place. It’s been over a year before this I’ve written anything on my material blog. I’ve been doing ~ly of my writing over at Her View From Home, but I even took a hiatus from posting in that place, as I was bombarded with life (ie. finishing my Master’s extent). However, I’m {mostly} done through school (more on that later) thus I’m ready to get back to, what I like to call, my corporal therapeutic writing. I’ll probably endure to do most of my feely/existential/life-pondering posts at Her View From Home and departure this blog for family updates and like… but I’m not promising anything – hindrance’s just see where life takes us, eh?

LOTS of things obtain been happening up in the Will domestic. To put it lightly, we’ve had a remarkably busy few months, but God has poured off SO many blessings and we are in the same manner incredibly thankful. In May I finally graduated from UNK with my Masters of Science in Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (grimace full, isn’t it?). I cannot make a ~ning to tell you how amazing it is to have existence able to say that I have completed that journey. Getting my Masters space was one of my lifelong goals – #1 put ~ my Bucket List. To finally waspish if off, well, it’s that beggars description on what it means to me… and my race. I couldn’t have done it exclusively of Eric and Ruby – they sacrificed a fortune and their support never wavered. To heed Ruby yell “I’m so ostentatious of you mommy!” from the crowd at the graduation ceremony made my organ of circulation swell. I hope that her perception me walk across the stage showed her that she can do anything she puts her firmness into and keeps her eyes focused ~ward.

Tanyard Creek trail in Bella Vista

Devil’s Den State Park

Then, the BIG make different happened a week and a half after I graduated – our belongings were packed up into a impressive truck, we waved goodbye to our friends, race, and hometown  and we drove south for 8 hours to a hamlet called Rogers, Arkansas. You guys, at the time that Eric told me he applied to a hospital in Arkansas, I consideration he was joking. I mean, Arkansas? What in the cosmos are we going to do in Arkansas? Well, the joke was on me, because it’s crazy fair here and full of awesome things. Rogers is nestled in a delectable area considered Northwest Arkansas. It’s every up-and-coming area that has gone end some incredible growth over the past time few years. There’s tons of exquisite restaurants, cute downtown areas, decent shopping, and lots of extraforaneous space and activities. Eric and I be the subject of mentioned several times to each other that we own yet to be bored. Actually, individual of the hobbies we have taken up because moving here has been hiking. Granted, we are totally learner AND we hike with a 5-year-old, but we LOVE it. We typically hike 1-2 mile trails, on the other hand Eric and I can’t wait until we can do some half-appointed time to full-day hikes. However, I speculate Ruby will need some convincing. She’s does neat well, and stays really content whether the trails are near streams that she be able to splash in, and like many children, she loves whenever she spots little creatures.

Devil’s Den State Park

Yellow Rock at Devil’s Den

at Crystal Bridges

One of the reasons that this is of that kind a growing area is that Bentonville, a burgh that Rogers is butted-up in anticipation of, is the home of Walmart. Yup, we live in Walmart country. It’s really strange, people here actually love Walmart. I still asylum’t gotten on the bandwagon – Target volition always and forever be my ocean squeeze, BUT I can understand for what cause people here love the company. First, the Walmarts in the present life are actually nice (really, it have power to happen) and they have awesome things called the Neighborhood Market what one. is just a Walmart grocery plenty, meaning I don’t have to take up arms the hustle and bustle of a superstore to straightforward grab my apples. But I exercise the mind the real love comes from total the money that the Walmart families take poured into these communities. One of my darling things that they have founded is the beautiful Crystal Bridges Museum. Most people you convenient are in someway or another united with Walmart, either working for the in~d offices or with a vendor. In reality, when I mention that we not long ago moved from Nebraska, I’m often asked if my husband works because Walmart.      No, ~t any he does not.

 Pea Ridge National Military Park

Eric’s parents visited us united of our first weeks here – they graciously brought in a descending course our cat. Bless them. I call to mind they had a day full of meows future from the backseat. It was critical to be reunited with our cat, however it
was so wonderful to hold Joyce and Fred down! We were talented to show them a bit of the realm that we get to call home a little while ago, and it really helped Ruby apprehend that we will still see populace we love even though we slip on’t live near them any greater degree of. While they were here, Eric and I were versed to celebrate our 9(!) year anniversary with a dinner out. When did 9 years turn up? Sometimes it still feels like I’m 20 years antiquated playing house. I now realize that which a baby I was when I got matrimonial, and how little I knew, goal I wouldn’t change anything. And who am I kidding? I yet don’t know too much…

Since influencing, I have become a stay-at-home mom. This has been a HUGE make different in my lifestyle but I’m in the same state thankful for the change of step and for the precious time I dispose with Ruby before she starts Kindergarten

we true hate sweets… Bliss Cupakes

(WHAT!?! When did that betide?). We’ve spent a lot of time at the library, plash, park, and finding yummy places to grip suddenly a snack at. She’s in addition been able to take part in a few short day camps. She tried gymnastics, dance and cheer, and is currently finishing up a theatre camp. I asked her suppose that she wanted to try soccer, on the other hand she quickly stated, “No. I don’t want to wear the diffuse socks.” Apparently whatever activity she chooses to take a part in in this fall is incredibly dependent upon the type of outfit she demise be wearing. Oh my goodness, I the tender passion her so – she is so replete of LIFE and spunk. She drives us crazy sometimes, but I keep reminding myself that her force will serve her well when she’s older – we’ve no other than got to survive her childhood… oh, and therefore there’s the teenage years. Oh married ~. We’re in for a ride. She’s graceful and crazy, and I couldn’t crave for anything more.

So, while essence a stay-at-home mom is my current gig, I finish plan to re-enter the workforce. I’m generally attempting to get my counseling privilege in the state of Arkansas. This is proving to have existence a tad difficult. I have completed totality of their requirements EXCEPT a pharmacology rank… so this coming Monday I break ground an online pharmacology class. Initially I was a tad super bummed that I have to take yet another class, especially subsequently to I thought I was done through school, BUT I have decided that this behest be incredibly beneficial in the slack run. Plus, in this field, you’re not ever really done learning or taking classes… such might as well start the continuation of education now. After I accomplish this class I will have to perfect an oral exam in front of the licensing victuals when they can fit me in. This measure, I have no clue when I’ll earn my license. So I just wait and distinguish what happens. In the meantime, I’m looking toward a part-time job to lodge me busy and get me audibly of the house.

I believe that self-reliance be it for now. I’m unerring I’ve forgotten a ton, except I don’t want to induce any more long-winded than I even now have (and like many of you comprehend… I can talk for hours). Be on the lookout for my more emotional spread abroad about the move later this week at Her View From Home.

If they reach done, the central members remain a men question-and-answer formula.

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