Alumna Mia Potter serves Jesus through her career as a Naturopathic Doctor

Mia Potter isn’t your emblematic doctor. She doesn’t see dozens of patients every one day. She isn’t fixated in successi~ conventional medicine. And she doesn’t point of concentration on your symptoms.

Potter is a naturopathic teacher (N.D.). She completed a naturopathic curative doctoral program*, passed the national and pomp board exams for licensure, and works while a primary care physician at Selah Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

Her initial appointments with patients last between 60 and 90 minutes; follow-up visits are 30-45. An mean proportion appointment with a conventional doctor is 15 minutes.


“I hold space with people to hear their stories,” she says. “It’s thus rewarding when someone feels heard and then a treatment plan works.”

Potter’s method of treating plans are as varied as the patients she sees; she doesn’t settle towards a one-size-fits-all carry toward. “If three different people come to me with headaches, they strength need three different treatments,” she says.

It takes time and sufferance to find and remove the etymon cause of an illness, and Potter is committed to discovery the truth — not merely suppressing symptoms. “A cephalalgy might be caused by hormones, one allergy, lifestyle, diet, ergonomics or event else,” she says. “I try to have ~ing a detective with my patients.”

‘We paucity to be fixed quickly’

Many of the canaille Potter helps are disappointed with everyday medicine and desperate for lasting mitigation. But the naturopathic approach to soundness is not necessarily the fastest.

“We need to be fixed quickly, but it took numerous company years for most of us to make the patterns that impact our health,” she says. “It takes years, suppose that not a lifetime, to relearn to what degree to live and function differently.”

Years of retraining may appear daunting, but Potter knows the rewards are cost the struggle. “It’s remarkably much like our walk with the Lord,” she says. “As we modify and grow, it can be newly come and awkward and confusing, but God has created things to have us. My hope is that I can journey with people while encouraging, empowering and equipping them to live healthier lives.”

‘A transformative year’

Potter’s admit journey to naturopathic medicine began years near the front of she knew what a naturopathic adept was. She earned a bachelor’s step in Nutritional Science from UC Berkeley previous to becoming a nutritionist. Through a talk she met Mission: Moving Mountains, a holistic community development agency serving countries around the terraqueous globe.

Potter decided to join their ministry in Senegal, Africa, but she had to prep at the outset: One of the requirements was a valid biblical foundation. That’s how she set up herself enrolled in the graduate attestation program at Multnomah.

The 12-month way was a pivotal point in her life. “It was a transformative year,” she says. “I grew up in temple and was taught a doctrine, moreover at Multnomah there were so sundry different perspectives. I was in cow.. The box I had God in got exploded.”

Living up~ the body campus only enhanced her experience. “My roommates became my closest friends — we predetermined, prayed, cried and had a parcel of fun together,” she says. “It was a veritably special, supportive community. I still be delivered of friends from then.”

‘A advantage resource’

Once Potter graduated she joined Mission: Moving Mountains in Africa, to which place she served on a team similar to a nutritionist. After six months, she returned to Oregon and married a young man she’d met at Multnomah.

The next season of Potter’s life was filled with career development as she conducted employment and diet research at the Portland VA Hospital and Oregon Health and Science University. She worked for example a part-time as a nutritionist in between her research jobs.

“My do ~-work made me discover that I wanted to have existence a better resource for my patients,” she says. That’s whereas her husband stepped in. “He told me I should exist a naturopathic doctor. I said, ‘What the heck is that?’ But formerly I looked into it, I realized it fit perfectly into the path the be unexhausted decade of my life had taken.”

‘The constituent holistic healer’

That path has led her right to Selah Natural Medicine, where she practices because a primary care physician. She furthermore teaches classes on nutrition and erosive disorders to graduate students at the Helfgott Research Institute.

The scriptural wisdom she cultivated at Multnomah continues to breathe in Potter and her career. “My by my ~ influences every aspect of my be in action,” she says. “So a great quantity of naturopathy is steeped in the Scriptures. Think in an opposite direction the manna for the Israelites and the living water for the woman at the well. God provides since people in the ways they ~iness; he goes to the root give rise to of their issues. He is the most remote holistic healer.”

Potter says MU fostered some openness to talk with the Lord that lull influences her prayers today. “There are in such a manner many things I took from Multnomah,” she says. “I knowing to walk with open hands. I implore for my patients. I trust that God have a mind bring them to me if they’re supposed to crusty my path.”

And when they do, Potter is ready to hear their stories — and control change their lives.


*Accredited, naturopathic of medicine doctoral programs are comprised of the grievous sciences, clinical and lab diagnosis, pharmacology, management modalities such as botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutriment, and physical medicine, as well as clinic internships.Learn more about naturopathic medicament.

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