Ask me anything – Final year PhD student, Pharmacology/Toxicology – Biomed BSc

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What jobs can you have with Biochemistry and what about through Biomed?
Why have you done a PhD?
Would it have ~ing best to do a PhD in some course you take?
What do the Bio-sciences entail?
What uni are you at?

With Biochem you be able to do many graduate level research jobs – study associate or research assistant. It’s a crumb like a laboratory technician but you work closely with a certain research cluster. Biomed is very much a translatable rank that you can go into a catalogue of things that don’t explicitly state they require a certain degree, notwithstanding in many cases (both biochem and biomed) you have power to neutralise some negative impact of the interval choice with final year project. In your throw out you have the opportunity to showcase as much of your talent as likely so the more techniques you be the subject of, the more flexible you can be when applying for jobs.

With each degree you can go into the NHS in the same proportion that a healthcare scientist – with biochem you have power to apply to the NHS STP that hires trainee clinical scientists and biomed you have power to train to be a biomedical scientist as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but placed in pathology labs. Biomedical system of knowledge is more flexible in this regard because you can specialise in haematology, biochemistry, histology/cytology, immunology or microbiology.
I did a PhD for the cause that I wanted to return to pathology through a postgraduate degree and I enjoyed scrutiny – you need a postgrad degree against higher pathology roles.
– It’s not completely indispensable to do a PhD. If you necessity to go into research then it’s in all probability something you need but you be able to start at research associate and at times that uni will fund you to soon afterward pursue a PhD – same if you befit an assistant with GSK or particular pharma etc.
Biosciences is anything that involves biology, chemistry and anything in-betwixt. I only really know about human knowledge of principles so not versed in botany, ecology etc. You could learn approximately new drugs, drug synthesis and be the commander optimisation, pharmacology, genetics, cell biology and cancer.
I’m at the University of London – SGUL.

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