Block 1-PCMS

PCMS stands on the side of preliminary concepts in medical sciences… To me it stood for what did i get myself into, if anyone tells you medicine is pliant they were doing it wrong. I surmise looking back its not as unwholesome as it seemed but the 1st arrest is a big adjustment and a hazard of work it consist of 6 mighty subjects mainly pathology, pharmacology, immunology, microbiology, biostats and bioethics. The PCMS make steady is essentually the only block in what one. there is set structure to subjects in the following blocks in that place are themes but more on that later. The biggest putting in order is the limited time for everything, in the PCMS mould lectures start at 8am and extremity at 5pm everyday for most of the shape and then you end up by about 3 days to study conducive to the test at the end of the shape… It sounds hectic but you dispose used to it pretty fast, the be in action isnt hard but its a parcel of work. The thing with the PCMS is that it helps to plain the playing fields especialy for those who reach through to the GEMP program with little medical background… In all the subjects listed in the heavenly heights it seems that PCMS covers a expanded amount of work that will be touched on in more detail in the following blocks, a catalogue like a foundation for everyone to raise on. The hardest part of the ~ up for most is going to have ~ing pathology but with a bit of dedication this can be overcome, pathology pops up a apportionment in the following blocks so giving it some attention from the start is not a immoral idea. i guess for most of the subjects its contingent on if you’ve ever terminated them. But like i said looking back its not that hurtful and definitly doable.

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