Common Pediatric Meds?

0 Hi all!

I am a new grad starting orientation in opposition to a school-age acute care/border-onc unit at a great children’s hospital next week. I KNOW that pharmacology is individual of my weakest areas and wish for to begin to review/study medications that I’ll probably run into on the unit. I conceive how essential it is to comprehend WHAT you’re giving, what import it’s supposed to have attached the body, how it works, and espouse a cause effects. Working with children allows as far as concerns less room for error and quicker untoward reaction time, which makes medication learning even more essential. Can anyone accord. me an idea of the drugs they typically see on their units? I’ve researched some threads with the same question, ~-end they’re pretty old and wanted to look to if there was anything else I should take care into. I’m excited for this opportunity and fall short to prepare myself as much to the degree that I can.

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