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In a life-threatening situation, the heart beats faster and harder, invigorated by the fight-or-flight response, which instantaneously prepares a person to spring back or run. Now, a new study ~ dint of. researchers at Temple University School of Medicine (TUSM) shows that the uptick in inclination muscle contractility that occurs under quick stress is driven by a overflow of calcium into mitochondria–the cells’ manliness-producing powerhouses.

Researchers have long known that calcium enters mitochondria in disposition muscle cells, but the physiological role of that step was unclear. “The function of mitochondrial calcium uptake for the period of stress generally was linked to the abortion of energy production and cell dying,” explained John W. Elrod, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and at the Center beneficial to Translational Medicine at TUSM, and more advanced investigator on the new study, that appears June 25 in the magazine Cell Reports.

“We show, but, that in periods of acute severity, increased calcium uptake by mitochondria in the feeling functions in ways that are excellence and bad: during the fight-or-shower response, it provides the necessary potent support for the heart, but for the period of a heart attack, it leads to the king of terrors of large numbers of heart cells,” Dr. Elrod reported.

Timothy S. Luongo et al. The Mitochondrial Calcium Uniporter Matches Energetic Supply by Cardiac Workload during Stress and Modulates Permeability Transition. Cell Reports, June 2015 DOI: 10.1016/j.celrep.2015.06.017

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