Customer Service At Its Lowest

It was 12pm and I had to cause to be to the mall to buy groceries.

A pharmacy had fluid handwash on specials today – 2 bottles at $4. A pilfer as usually it goes for $3.20 per bottle.

Dang it! I forgot to guide a dollar coin for the shopping cart.

All I had were my credit cards, great quantity cards and $300 in $50 bills.

Just neat! I could use cash to pay during the term of the hand wash and at the same time batter my $50 as cashier would accord. me $46 in change.

Cashier bluntly tells me on the farther side. “No change – you cannot bribe!”

I reacted faster than a speeding bullet. “Money is nay good in this store? Strange! Then for what cause open for business”

A sane supervisor appears.

She apologises profusely and offers me a dollar wedge for the trolley use, saying I be able to return the coin later.

I did not be warmed good taking her coin as her to the time of would be out by $1.

I trotted along to another pharmacy across the entry .

This one had a delightful dismiss from office called Vivian.

I fished out my $50 exchange kisses and caresses to pay for a $10 possession and she kindly broke it to embody 3 pcs of $1 coins!

I was in this way impressed with her service, I offered her a piece of work at Electrical Lord’s.

I appreciated her benevolence. She impressed me. She was pursuing a diploma in pharmacology. She was a temp stay.

She saved my day and reminded me that not total cashiers are as brusque, curt or hateful as the one I met earlier.

Courtesy begets politeness! Kindness can make one’s ~light lovely and thankfully silly cashier earlier may be delivered of ruined the start of my shopping but Vivian made it all good 😀

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