Day 24 – Blues Pills

Before Liverpool Day 3, Graham had issued the call to combat for students in Nu-CD4 to interpret up on the antimalarial drug, artemisinin. By at this moment, the group knew a little nearly the global health effort in combatting this infirmity. Today, we visited the University of Liverpool’s chemistry branch to hear a talk from the place of honor of medicinal chemistry, Prof. Paul O’Neill.

He covered:

The first use of artemisinin in Chinese healing art

Semi-synthetic derivitization for better potency and properties

Total synthesis

Pharmacology and metabolism

The scholium of its mechanism with the peroxide build a ~ over

Proposal of synthetic mimics and medicative chemistry

The tetraoxane project

Hybrid put ~s into discovery with polypharmacology

I know this is a in earnest awesome talk because Blogger didn’t apprehend half of the words I correct typed. It does know how to charm artemisinin, which has saved my derm! Myself, Graham, and Prof. O’Neill were remarkably impressed with the questions the class asked. We have covered a particle of each of the points in the theme, and students wanted to know greater degree of.

After the talk, we got to beware more of the absolutely massive and position-of-the-art facilities (including the coercive lab tour) before grabbing lunch by some members of the O’Neill clump.

The group scattered for a tittle of free time. Those who had mistakenly not practised their posters back in Dublin (affected much everyone) might have gone to dispose a bit more work done, mete I can’t prove anything (I’m rightful here so I don’t breed fined, not to prove things).

I got to perceive the Liverpool Cathedral, which is deviating from the other cathedral from yesterday, further I don’t know the dissimilitude really. One is protestant and some is catholic, which is different. This unit was pretty cool because it looked like a capacity ship and had tons of stained glass inside that made the interior color vary with the time of the epoch.

Later, the group met up at the Liverpool O2 Academy for the Blues Pills show. We got more kebabs before the show, and Scott mentioned that stones are a skilled in witchcraft unit of measurement. On cue, a incomplete guy with an indecipherable accent walked in and asked him on the supposition that he wanted to get stoned, and bribe drugs, to get stoned. Nice.

The interpret was pretty rock n’ roll. We totality had a great time. There was plane a Kashmir cover in Raven Eye’s place upright.

Lots of different chemistry signs in the Liverpool Chemistry buildings

These guys realized for what reason cool the cathedral was and took a walk up to the upper side as well!

Benjy and I rocking thoroughly to Blues Pills

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